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  Born in the year 1931 in Grodno Poland and condemned to death at the tender age of 10 by Hitler and his Nazis to be gassed and burned in the gas chambers and crematoriums of such Death camps as Auschwitz and others. 

  Already at the Open Gates of the Gas Chamber of Auschwitz, only a few feet away from the final doors of no return at the undressing room, when the Sword Of Death was lifted from my throat by the Greatest Power we all know and call "Our G-d".

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October 19
H&J Publishing
Harold Gordon

Customer Reviews

Deaira0257 ,

Love this book and highly recommend it for children too!!

When I was a little girl my mom took me to a book signing where I got to meet him and
see his tattoo. I read this book at 10 and it forever changed the way I perceive the world and made a huge impact on me. I reread it as a adult and was surprised on how much it influenced me...

777Stormer777 ,

Truly a story that MUST be shared!

I have read this book multiple times. I am humbled at the trials and testing of Harold Gordon and the struggle to survive during the holocaust. He not only survived, but continues to inspire others who have gone through sore trials. It is well written and will, without a doubt, inspire you and bring tears to your eyes. I am grateful for this book. Truly a MUST READ. And after you read it, tell others about it!

Dr. J123 ,

It is a privilege to know you.

Harold and Joyce Gordon are best of friends for my wife Kathie and I. I am grateful to our synagogue for giving us the opportunity to meet the Gordons and truly get to know them.

Harold has chided me many times with the question, "Well Joe, have you finished my book yet?" He knows how difficult it has been for me to do so from my own parents' experience of surviving the holocaust and the families which we lost.

Now having finished reading The Last Sunrise, I can say to my friend Harold, "Yes, I have read your book and thank you for it."

This is more than the story of survival of a young boy torn from his childhood and the loss of family he endured. It is also the triumph of the human spirit in the face of the greatest of adversities. It is with great honor I call Harold and Joyce our dear friends and look forward to sitting in the pews with them on Friday nights.

Thank you Harold for surviving to tell your story and to teach us the lesson that the world should never forget.