The Last Sunrise

A True Story

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  Born in the year 1931 in Grodno Poland and condemned to death at the tender age of 10 by Hitler and his Nazis to be gassed and burned in the gas chambers and crematoriums of such Death camps as Auschwitz and others. 

  Already at the Open Gates of the Gas Chamber of Auschwitz, only a few feet away from the final doors of no return at the undressing room, when the Sword Of Death was lifted from my throat by the Greatest Power we all know and call "Our G-d".

Biographies & Memoirs
October 19
H&J Publishing
Harold Gordon

Customer Reviews

Ed Vincent ,

An amazing story

True life is more interesting than fiction. I am encouraged to live with more joy, fewer complaints, and breath in life more fully than ever before because of reading this most incredible story. I would very much like to meet the author.

Dr Mike Noble ,

The Last Sunrise A True Story

Harold's book is about integrity, strength of character, love, and forgiveness. Everyone should read this very great book. Harold is a great man, and the first hand experience and life lessons should be taken advantage of. We do not have that many survivors of the death camps left, especially someone who went in at the young age of 10.

Steven Spielberg has interviewed Harold to document his story, and Harold was one of the founders of the Holocaust Museum. His book "The Last Sunrise, a True Story" should be required reading for everyone, especially high school kids. Too many people are too young to understand or appreciate the horrors inflicted on Jewish people. Our right wing fundamentalist segment of the population has totally forgotten that Christ was a Jew.

After WWII Harold moved to California where he met his wife of 60 years and raised a terrific family in Salinas California.

The United States is unfortunately developing a very intolerant fundamentalist group who are extremely racist, homophobic, and intolerant of other religions, if they had their way science would disappear except for the technology they would justify that makes their life more comfortable, safe and healthy, keeping them comfortable. How is this intolerance any different than the extremist in the Middle East? Political leaders have learned how to reinforce their political base by creating fear, and hate. How does this differ from Hitler’s tactics?

This week Alabama stepped back to the Jim Crow days by passing the Nation's Cruelest Immigration Laws. The good white ultra conservative Alabama Legislator and Governor passed a fear-based law without any consideration for fundamental human rights, the history of this country, and our Constitution they like to selectively reinterpret. The law also harkens back to the early changes implemented by Hitler in the 30’s.

This is a very sad moment in U S history! Mississippi and Alabama were the states that have historically been the worst with regard to segregation and oppression. Now after 40 years of progress they once again long for the days of white power.

It always amazes me when I hear people try to argue that the Holocaust never happened, and that God created the Universe 6,000 years ago. What planet do they come from??

If you look at history the good "White" Christians justified horrible behavior in every country they invaded; all in the name of god and country of course. After all in their minds the people of color where not Christian, or human deserving the same rights they would give their animals. It was not a sin to kill, torture them, or to rape the women.

The holy wars were not holy, and the church during that time suffered from greed, lust for earthly power, and an ungodly self-righteousness that justified these acts. The lust for control resulted in 32 books being excluded from the bible in the 3rd century. Keep in mind this burning of books was also a tactic used by Hitler and his SS.

The white bigots in Mississippi and Alabama lust for the days when they were allowed to keep social order by keeping people of color or different religions in their proper place. As a white Christian I am embarrassed and concerned with the increasingly radical and far right position the Republican party and their extremist base has adopted. After President Regan I left the Republican party and have been an independent moderate for many years, as the party moves further and further to the “Dark Side”/extremist right of their party.

Harold's book should serve as a stark reminder of how quickly; ideology and intolerance can spin out of control. You must read this book, and ensure that as many people as possible read and share their thoughts about this horrible time in history, and how some of our current fears are creating a field of hate and intolerance that could be the death of the greatest democracy on earth.

Dr Michael T Noble

Deaira0257 ,

Love this book and highly recommend it for children too!!

When I was a little girl my mom took me to a book signing where I got to meet him and
see his tattoo. I read this book at 10 and it forever changed the way I perceive the world and made a huge impact on me. I reread it as a adult and was surprised on how much it influenced me...

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