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Mapping the minds of murderers is what Dr. Tony Hill does better than anyone. So when a twisted killer starts targeting psychologists across Northern Europe, Hill is the obvious choice to track the executioner's mental and physical journey.

Except that Tony, still bearing the scars of past cases, doesn't want to do this anymore.

But the killer is about to strike uncomfortably close to home. The next victim is a friend and colleague. And Tony's former partner, Detective Carol Jordan, is directly in the murderer's path, working undercover in a world where human life means less than the smallest drug deal. She needs Tony's help as much as the beleaguered European police officials do.

Now the danger is closing in. Confronting the worst of modern crime and struggling to unravel roots that lie deep in the tormented past of Nazi atrocities and Stasi abuses, Tony and Carol are forced to battle for survival against overwhelming odds. In this morass of double-cross and double-dealing, they have no one to trust but each other. Deftly merging the dark terrain of forensic psychology with the brooding, crime-streaked world of post-Cold War Europe, Val McDermid's The Last Temptation is an unrivaled tour de force that takes Tony Hill further into the mind of a killer than he's ever dared to go before.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 1
St. Martin's Press

Customer Reviews

donebylee ,

Atrocious conversion almost ruins a good read

Just as good as the other Tony Hill/Carol Jordan mysteries, but the conversion into an ebook makes this almost unreadable. At least two spelling errors per page, some so bad you spend time working out what was intended.

And the formatting is atrocious. Paragraphs are broken. Sections start without any visible clue. At least they don't screw up the chapters.

My guess is that this is the product of a very, very bad optical scan and character recognition software. And no one cared enough to fix it.

If you can put up with a lot of errors, then buy this book. But you must really want to read this in order to get through the neglect of the publisher.

Dome11 ,

Typos Galore

One cannot get into the story since there are hundreds of typos and mis-"prints". It seems they just used a cheap scan-to-text converter and never took the time to read it ONCE to eradicate the mistakes.

It shows the utter lack of interest of the "editors". They do not respect the work, the art of book-making, and the paying customers. Just trying to make a quick buck.

Well, you don't respect me, then I won't respect you. One star...

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