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Matter of Time

Humans are going missing in a city where dragons and humans live side by side.

Screams are echoing through Drummbek castle.

The others might try to ignore it but castle maid Tabitha knows in her gut that something is wrong.

But what can one girl do?

Instinct drives her to find the truth and deal with it. But that means putting her family and the man who plays on her thoughts at risk.

Out in the Wastelands, Del, an exiled veteran dragonslayer, knows exactly what’s happening in the castle. She has unfinished business and she’s making her way home.


Despite Our Enemies

Dragons don’t take children.

And they leave a trail behind.

So why do the residents of Pottbarrow keep saying that a big blue dragon is taking and killing their people? Dragonslayer Private Tabitha Dunn is certain no dragon took these people and the plume of smoke rising from the hills is her first clue to the truth.

Captain Andra Ferrer is being made to work for her promotion in ways she couldn’t imagine. She’s hunting the murderer of a dragon bitten corpse found in the caverns beneath the city of Drummbek, and she’s not alone.

It’s time for Andra to break some traditions.


In My Bones

Something is coming.

They said it was only a matter of time.

Now the time has come.

With the crack of an egg, something new is born. With it comes a new age and a new war.

The last war.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 5
Write into the Woods Publishing
Jennifer Lewis

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