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Dallas Lore Sharp (1870–1929) was an American author, university professor, and librarian, best remembered for his magazine articles and books about native birds and small mammals. 

"We have had a series of long, heavy rains," he begins The Lay of the Land, "and water is standing over the swampy meadow. It is a dreary stretch, this wet, sedgy land in the cold twilight, drearier than any part of the woods or the upland pastures. They are empty, but the meadow is flat and wet, naked and all unsheltered. And a November night is falling. 

The darkness deepens. A raw wind is rising. At nine o’clock the moon swings round and full to the crest of the ridge, and pours softly over. I button the heavy ulster close, and in my rubber boots go down to the river and follow it out to the middle of the meadow, where it meets the main ditch at the sharp turn toward the swamp. Here at the bend, behind a clump of black alders, I sit quietly down and wait. 

I am not mad, nor melancholy; I am not after copy. Nothing is the matter with me. I have come out to the bend to watch the muskrats building, for that small mound up the ditch is not an old haycock, but a half-finished muskrat house." 

This classic contains the following chapters: 

I. The Muskrats Are Building 

II. Christmas in the Wood 

III. A Cure for Winter 

IV. The Nature Student 

V. Chickadee 

VI. The Missing Tooth 

VII. The Sign of the Shad-Bush 

VIII. The Nature Movement 

IX. June 

X. A Broken Father 

XI. High Noon 

XII. The Palace in the Pig-Pen 

XIII. An Account with Nature 

XIV. The Buzzard of the Bear Swamp 

XV. The Lay of the Land

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