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Three “riveting” novels of space adventure set in a dystopian future from a Hugo and Nebula Award–nominated author and “brilliant” voice (David Feintuch).

In the twenty-fifth century, sentient races are ruled by the League of Peoples. War has been eliminated and killing is forbidden, but insidious secrets are concealed in the dark corners of this would-be utopia, in these three action-packed novels.
Expendable: Festina Ramos serves in the Explorer Corps—better known as the Expendable Crew Members—whose mission is to risk their lives on potentially hostile unexplored planets. When the Admiralty finally sends her on a suicide mission, Festina is determined to escape certain death, but the consequences of defiance are beyond what she ever imagined.
Commitment Hour: When citizens of Tober Cove—one of few settlements left on Earth since interstellar travel became possible—turn twenty, they make a permanent decision affecting the rest of their lives. As Fullin reaches the age of commitment and considers the ramifications of his choice, the village is shaken by the arrival of a Spark Lord—a being charged by the League with maintaining order on Earth—who has the unusual request to observe the Commitment Day ceremony.
Vigilant: Humans and Ooloms—a race of flying squirrel–like humanoids—share the planet Demoth. When Faye Smallwood was a teenager, a plague almost wiped out the Oolom population before her father developed a cure. As an adult, Faye wants to make a difference on Demoth and joins the Vigil, a watchdog group that can link into government data. When she uncovers a conspiracy around long-abandoned alien technology, her life is endangered and she finds an unexpected ally in an outcast admiral.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 31
Open Road Media
OpenRoad Integrated Media, LLC

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