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A powerful dragon guardian, a headstrong heroine, and a destiny that will make them both the greatest legends of their time ... The epic conclusion is finally here!

"Dragons, mysteries, and heroes of mythic proportions ... A great and very satisfying read." ★★★★★

Ever since leaving her home in Oescienne, Jahrra has known the fate awaiting her in the kingdom of Ghorium. She just didn't realize she'd be unprepared when that day arrived. After all, the prophecy has never been clear on how she is to defeat the Crimson King, only that if it is to be done, she is the one who must find a way. But time is running short, and Jahrra only hopes she'll find the answers before it is too late ...

With Nimbronia and the reluctant Creecemind dragons behind them, Jaax and his ward travel with their friends to Dhonoara, the valley of the elves, where the Coalition of Ethoes gathers to prepare for battle. But the Tanaan dragon isn't as confident as usual; there are far too many devious players in this game, and it is no longer just about winning or losing for him. Freedom from the Tyrant and his ancient curse may come at too high a price.

As open war looms, both Jahrra and Jaax will be tested in mind, body, heart, and spirit. Old friends and enemies will emerge, and secrets that have remained buried for centuries will finally be revealed. Even if Jahrra does the impossible by destroying the evil festering in the east, it will come at a great cost. For battles are not fought without risk; wars are not won without sacrifice. In the end, Jahrra must find the strength to do what she must, and the courage to endure her greatest challenge yet.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 16
Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

mhanse23 ,

A great ending for an epic series

This is one of the best series of books I have ever read. This last book really had some good twists, but make sure you have tissues on hand.

Copcovegurl ,

Good story but,....

What happened to Jharra's bracelet? Why add it to the story and all the things that somehow shows how Jharra connects to them in some way and it drops from the story like it didnt exist. All in all it was a very good book. It captured my attention and * sigh... for a happily ever after.

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