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A Fan-Fiction novel based on the video game series. Endless questions loom over the mysterious and cursed land of Ikana when Link visits its ancient ruins. Travel back in time to see what became of the this once proud kingdom through the eyes of a carefree boy, unknowingly doomed to watch his civilization unravel before him.

Fiction & Literature
March 4
N Felts
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Thecliqster ,

While not canon its could pass as canon

First off im a very big zelda fan have been since i was 4, i think this book works unbelievably well with majora’s mask lore and zelda lore as a whole to the point where while this is still a fan fiction story it could easily pass as canon to ikana’s story in the game as everything fits pretty dang well together in game with what this story tells which as you can see is the fall of ikana but in a way i didnt expect which is showing the story not through the king of ikana but unknown characters. All in all good story with a few minor gripes but hey its worth it if you are a zelda fan or even a non zelda fan

Bronys are cool ,

Excellent book!


Fanboy Firerust ,

Interesting Premise, But Poor Execution

I'm polarized about this book. It contains a very interesting story, intriguing characters, an original magic system, clever references to the Zelda games, and good dialogue between characters. Unfortunately, it's marred by enormous amounts of errors in spelling, grammar, continuity, and storytelling. (For example, there's an entire paragraph that seems to have been cut and pasted from one chapter to another that really threw me off.) It makes the book hard to read and understand at times, especially for one who is adamant about proper spelling and grammar.

Also, while the story was going in a good direction (despite being very confusing at times), its ending felt quite disconnected and rushed. There was just too much going on in the end that it felt overdone, and it didn't help that the the most climactic and final part of Ikana's fall took place at the beginning of the book, with everything but the last couple chapters being a flashback sequence. And those last couple chapters take place... a decade or two later? I can't tell. But it feels kind of disconnected.

All in all, I think it's a good, enjoyable Legend of Zelda fanfiction story that could have been a lot better. It was full of problems, but I still enjoyed reading it through to the end. I would only recommend it to Zelda fans, more particularly ones who are okay with all the spelling/grammar/storyline mistakes.

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