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When Veasty the heiress of Mythia fell in love with Heres, a mere farm boy little did her know she had earned him the wrath of her father. In that year a taunting message came from Aardoo the warlock of Gur-lotta of the mustering of the invincible might of Ibisia, the great foretold war to annihilate the withering race of men was imminent. The allies of men have grown thin, Surrucia was in ruins, Meroc the witch was powerless and a prisoner in Polifna, her invincible armies of Surocs were bound by a black spell Sondon the dark master of Ibisia had cast on them, they were shackled under the cold depth of Mount Mobus, of the five kings that once ruled the realm of men only one remained in Mythia. Men must embark on the futile and precarious quest of reclaiming the scroll from Ibisia, The scroll which is the heart of Sondon’s hoard, for only with the aid of the scroll of Surrucia can the power of Sondon be broken and his foes released. The king offers the throne and the hand of Veasty his daughter to any of his brave captain who is willing to undertake the perilous journey, But no one volunteers for every word to have come out of Ibisia has been evil.
The king finds himself at a dead end, but sees it as an opportunity to get rid of Heres his mortal enemy, and so he banishes him and his father into Ibisia under the guise of finding the scroll. At Ibisia the company learns that there is not one scroll but two, they must first find the dark scroll, which is the key and map to Sondon’s secret vault where the scroll of light of Surrucia lies, but to find the dark scroll they must solve the hardest legends ever which will take them across Ibisia.

Two scrolls for the hope of men.
One to find the dark hoard, the other to raise the Suroc horde.
Eight paths to the dark hoard, beyond each path a secret unfolds.
Across the dark lands the paths are laid.
From the warlock on the stone that never sinks, to the mountain that belches forth fire.
From the viper’s pit to the lair of the iron dragon beneath golden shores.
From the tower of fire at the heart of the leviathan’s pool, to the hidden necropolis visible only at night.
From the den of the fallen one, the dark hoard is revealed.
Let your folly guide you on your treacherous quest.
The tale leads to the forging of the company of the scroll which includes, Heres and his father, Nor and Onor, the sons of the last and murdered king of Maul, who had set out to avenge their father’s death against Aardoo and Horace, who coerce Horace to lead them to Gur-lotta to prove his innocence. Sirrion the last sorcerer of Surrucia who was a prisoner in Basra alongside three Surocs, and Henia their guide, the daughter of Cyran the fallen sorcerer of Surrucia.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 30
M.Y. Roger
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