The Leopards of Londolozi

Leopard Identification Book

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Since 1979 Londolozi has had a Love Affair with Leopards

Described as an elusive and solitary predator, it was a rarity to see leopards in the very early days of Safari at Londolozi.  Yet in 1979 that was all to change when John Varty, co-founder of Londolozi, and an incredible naturalist, Elmon Mhlongo, developed a relationship with the Mother Leopard.

She was tolerant of their presence and allowed them into her secret world.  It was a relationship that endured for 12 long years during which time a dynasty of Londolozi Leopards was born.

This dynasty has been chronicled over the past 31 years by the many guides and trackers, past and present, who have worked at Londolozi.  This documentation is the result of their combined efforts and of yours, the reader.  It is a record of the family lineages, identities, photographs and stories of the various offspring and independent leopards that have been part of Londolozi over the past three decades.

Each year we add to this growing body of work as the Leopards of Londolozi continue to enthrall, entertain and inspire the many guests that visit our reserve.  With this interactive iBook we hope that the information, stories, images and video will only continue to increase in magnitude and depth.  Most importantly we recognize that the Leopards of Londolozi is a continuous work in progress and a starting point for something far richer and more enlightening.  It is a place for sharing, dialogue and awareness and we trust that you will be inspired to pass it on to people who you believe will in turn be as stirred by these breathtaking cats.

This great Leopard saga is now entering its 4th decade as the sense of kinship between man and leopard grows ever deeper.  Currently there are a number of free ranging leopards that roam the wild lands of Londolozi and we trust that you may cross a few of their paths whilst on safari with us.  Enjoy….

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    AnatUmansky ,

    The Leopard of Londolozi

    What a great Ibook ,
    just read/watched it and its packed with amazing info video and great shots .
    I recommend anyone who has an interest in Nature and Wildlife to get this book , they will
    not be disappointed .

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