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Learn your way around in the mysterious new Liberty Tuning.

Harvey Reid’s remarkable new discovery opens the way for millions of people to play great-sounding guitar with much easier chord fingerings. The guitar doesn’t really sound different, but it’s easier to play, and the chords have a startling symmetry and simplicity. You can pick up any guitar, and if you know the secret to Liberty Tuning, in 10 seconds you can play things no one ever dreamed could be done. It's a little confusing, and this book is the perfect guide for anyone who already plays some guitar and wants to learn how it works.

You'll need a guitar in standard tuning, and a partial capo that clamps both 3 and 4 inner strings. Many common types of partial capos can do one or both of these, and the new Liberty "Flip" capo does them both perfectly.

This book carefully maps out the fingerboard in this ingenious new musical environment, and shows where to find hundreds of chords at all levels of difficulty. This includes the revolutionary easy-to-play 2-finger chords as well as a variety of more complex fingerings. Along with a detailed map of the musical possibilities in Liberty Tuning, Reid provides a wealth of tips, insights and strategies for using this new tuning. Whether you are a beginner, a veteran player, guitar teacher, a songwriter, picker or just a weekend player, you’ll love all the fresh new sounds you can make.You wouldn’t go to a new country without a map, so don’t play in Liberty Tuning without this book.

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February 26
Woodpecker Multimedia
Harvey D. Reid

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