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This classic is organized as follows:

I. Joseph Included in the Decree of the Incarnation

II. Joseph Included in the Order of the Hypostatic Union

III. Joseph Prefigured in Holy Scripture as to His Name, His Life, and His Glory

IV. Joseph Prefigured in His Goodness, Clemency, and Generosity Towards His Devout Clients, and Foreshadowed in Various Other Ways

V. Joseph of a Most Noble and Royal Lineage

VI. Joseph the Son of Jacob and Also the Son of Heli

VII. Joseph Sanctified Before His Birth

VIII. Concupiscence Subdued in the First Sanctification of Joseph by the Superabundance of Grace, Which Was Greater in Him Than in Any Other Saint Except Mary

IX. Joseph the Harbinger of Redemption—He Belongs to the New More Than to the Old Testament

X. Joseph’s Family and Parentage

XI. The Birth of Joseph a Joy in Heaven and in Limbo

XII. The Birth of Joseph a Joy on Earth

XIII. Joseph’s Childhood and Youth

XIV. Joseph’s Vow of Virginity

XV. Joseph a Just Man—His Occupation

XVI. Birth of Mary—Her Presentation in the Temple

XVII. Mary’s Abode in the Temple—Her Marriage With Joseph Decreed in Heaven

XVIII. Testimony of the Synagogue to the Virtues of Joseph

XIX. Betrothal of Mary and Joseph

XX. Age of Joseph at the Time of the Espousals—His Personal Appearance

XXI. The Espousals of Mary and Joseph

XXII. Life at Nazareth

XXIII. The Annunciation

XXIV. The Visitation

XXV. Mary and Joseph’s Abode in Zachary’s House

XXVI. Joseph’s Trial

XXVII. Joseph’s Vision

XXVIII. The Paternity of Joseph

XXIX. Interior of the Holy House—Journey to Bethlehem

XXX. The Stable at Bethlehem

XXXI. The Adoration of the Shepherds—The Circumcision

XXXII. The Adoration of the Magi

XXXIII. Purification of the Blessed Virgin and Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

XXXIV. A Question of Dates

XXXV. Flight Into Egypt—Massacre of the Innocents

XXXVI. Journey in the Desert—Destruction of Idols

XXXVII. The Offices of Joseph

XXXVIII. Abode in Egypt—Recall From Exile

XXXIX. Abode at Nazareth—Education of Jesus

XL. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

XLI. The Subjection of Jesus

XLII. Joseph’s Interior Life of Prayer and Contemplation

XLIII. Joseph’s Singular Faith and Supernatural Wisdom

XLIV. Joseph’s Love and Life of Bliss

XLV. The Death of Joseph

XLVI. The Glory of Joseph in Heaven

XLVII. The Patronage of Joseph

XLVIII. The Cultus of St. Joseph in the Early Church

XLIX. The Cultus of Joseph in Later Times

Decree of Pius IX. Declaring St. Joseph Patron of the Universal Church

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