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As a young man, Lincoln stood out from the crowd, tall and lanky at six-feet four-inches. He arrived in New Salem and landed a job as a clerk in a general store. Soon thereafter, Lincoln started to make a name for himself, successfully wrestling the town bully and amazing most of his neighbors with his strength and ability to split rails and fell trees—a survival skill that he developed as a child of the American frontier. In small towns during that era, the general store was a meeting place, and thus Lincoln grew to know the community well. He delighted people with his wit, intelligence, and integrity. For the less literate citizens of New Salem, Abe's ability to read and write was invaluable. He quickly became a popular member of the town, endearing himself to the locals as a good-natured and "bookish" young man.

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Lark Ness Monster ,

In response to reviewer "Anthony J"

The difficult language you are referring to dates all the way back to 2001. The book was not written in the 19th century, nor the 20th for that matter. It was published 11 years ago.

Dontrustnone ,

I haven't read it

I haven't read it

Anthony J ,

Great detail

This book gives great detail to the life of Abraham Lincoln and the struggles of the Civil War and emancipation of slavery. I had some trouble following the writing but due only to the fact that it was written in a period so long ago. Of course this fact also adds to the depth in which the book immerses the reader into the setting of the book.

Overall not the most engaging biography I've read, however written with much detail and depth into Lincoln's life, and therefore deserves a recommendation.

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