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Affected by her parents’ highly publicized divorce, Isabel grows up isolated and alone, with a resolve to never fall in love and repeat their mistakes.

When Jesse Cain enters her life, she falls hopelessly in love with him, and every sadness she’s ever felt is washed away by his intensity and passion. But people change as they grow up. Things can never stay the same forever.

Jesse and Isabel fight to stay together, determined to hold on to what they once had. Isabel wonders if a second love can ever be enough to make her forget her first.

October 25
Christine Brae
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Customer Reviews

Momofoneboyandonegirl ,

A slow-burning, amazing read

Dear Lord you have to stick with this book. I'll admit I was completely turned off after the prologue and it was moved to the last on my "must read for upcoming author event" but when I got to the end of the stack I said here we go and go we did! Like a long drama with not a lot of height. Literary fiction more than contemporary romance in my opinion but the one liners and truisms are zingers and Ms. Brae does an excellent job incorporating details, plot weaving and strong strong emotions in the last 15 percent of the book. There were some mom comments that hit a bit close to home but this book is a lingering story in my mind. Isabel and Jesse take me back to my first love but the mom in me says "end it girl" (wait my mom said that of my first love .... Crap I'm turning into my mom!) then the steady and stable second love enters the picture and you don't know who to root for. Great read for women and girls who have had those firsts with a first love and need to sort it out! Well done!

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