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Sisterhood, safety, and secrets - it all happens at the lighthouse on Five Island Cove.

Five best friends. Five islands in the cove. In this small town East Coast island community, people only think they know everyone else's business. But the secrets are as thick as the fog on a winter night, and even the lighthouse might not be able to shine through them all... 

When Joel Shields dies, Robin's only goal is to get her four best friends back to Five Island Cove to celebrate the life of Kristen's husband. One by one, the women are embroiled in the way Joel's life reached out and intertwined with each of theirs, some in sweet ways, and some in ways so horrific, Robin realizes she didn't at all know the man she'd seen face-to-face almost every day of her life.

They gather to the lighthouse, which has always been a safe haven, a place of sanctuary, and a beacon of hope for a brighter future for each of them, to talk as they always have.

Kristen leads the group as she always has, though she's drowning in grief and family drama. Eloise brings news of a second chance at love, and Alice confesses how unhappy she is despite her riches. AJ can't get her boyfriend to commit, and Kelli is completely overwhelmed with guilt for her refusal to forgive her own father.

As Robin tries to hold them all together, she too breaks down and admits that her husband wants to leave Five Island Cove for better fishing grounds in Alaska. As they work together to find the truth and what it means to each of them personally, they learn to let go of what doesn't matter and cling to what does: faith, family, and friendship.

Look for all the books in the Five Island Cove series, coming throughout 2020 and 2021:
1. The Lighthouse

2. The Summer Sand Pact

3. The Cliffside Inn

4. Christmas at the Cove

5. The House on Seabreeze Shore

Fiction & Literature
March 17
JEN Publishing
Elana Marie Johnson

Customer Reviews

advid Christian fiction reader ,

Good read!

I enjoyed the book. Had a little trouble remembering the background of the characters. Maybe should have all been introduced at beginning?? Hope to read next season of their lives.

editor's nightmare ,

The Lighthouse

I first read the The Summer Sand Pact not knowing that this was a book series. Now that I’ve read the Lighthouse, it is a lot less confusing. I look forward to the next book in the series.
I thoroughly enjoyed the story line and the characters,
However, I was often irritated at the number of typos and clumsy sentences. I had to reread many paragraphs to make sure I understood the meaning.
It also took a long time to decide if Alice’s stepmother’s name is Darla or Della.

1 Banker ,

Very enjoyable read

I enjoyed spending time with this group of women as they reconnected for the 1st time in many years. Each brought a full life of marital & personal problems back to the island where they’d been such close friends as teenagers. Many secrets were revealed , many tears to be shed, but as they had as kids, once again, they leaned on each other for the support & love that was needed. A definite feel good story of friendship. I’ll enjoy reading more from this author.

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