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Dark Brotherhood

As the city of London slumbers, there are those in its midst who conspire to rule the world through the darkest and most nefarious means. These seven, seated in positions of extraordinary power and influence, marshal forces from the far side to aid them in their fiendish endeavor.

Force of One

In the aftermath of a bloody séance and a terrifying supernatural contact, a courageous young doctor finds himself drawn into a malevolent conspiracy beyond human comprehension.

All or Nothing

The future is not safe, as a thousand-year reign of pure evil is about to begin, unless a small group of stalwart champions can unravel the unspeakable mysteries behind a crime far more terrible than murder.

Fiction & Literature
October 25
William Morrow

Customer Reviews

trekkieruss ,

Excellent book! A Sherlock Holmes type thriller paced for modern day readers.

The ITunes description doesn't tell you enough, and thus the casual browser might miss out on a great adventure. This is the story of a young doctor, Arthur Conan Doyle who finds himself lured to a seance and from there is drawn into a fight against a conspiracy that threatens to bring dark and supernatural forces into this world. Doyle's ally against the conspirators is the brilliant Jack Sparks. Jack Sparks is a master of disguise, a trained observer and expert in deductive reasoning and he has a small support group drawn from London's criminal class, one might call them Irregulars. The stakes of this battle are not just the crown of England, but perhaps the the fate of the entire world for a millennia. This book has a great plot, excellent characterizations, dialogue and pacing. I first read it when it came out in 1993 but over the years it fell out of print and I had lost the paperback. Now that it has been reissued, and in a form that I can't lose, I took great pleasure in re-reading it and it's just as satisfying as the first time. At the end of this book you will say to yourself, "this is how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle SHOULD have been inspired to write the Sherlock Holmes series of stories."

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