The Little Book of Harm

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The Publishers of Poisoned Candy: Bite-sized Horror for Halloween and Rancid Eggs: Bite-sized Horror for Easter,
present The Little Book of Harm, borne from the chaotic mind of Veronica Abbott, the Queen of Cuss.

The Little Book of Harm, is the essential manual for any creature hellbent on self-destruction.

This little black book is oozing with terrible ideas guaranteed to add a little pandemonium to any situation. Whether you're looking for relationship advice, cooking tips, or even methods for avoiding your relatives, The Little Book of Harm has your back.

So, open it to any page and get inspired to go out and be your worst.

This is not a book for the proactive, the peaceful, or the faint of stomach.

"Does Veronica Abbott do stand up comedy? If not, she should. Or at least write for a comedian. Warped. Dark. Offensive. And bloody hilarious.
This book comes with a trigger warning and makes fun of dark topics.

So if you're sensitive and easily offended move along. However, if you're not - then you're gonna love this as much as I did."
Mark Young - author of Heartbreaker

"Veronica Abbott is the dark hilarious voice we need in this time of uncertainty. If you don't like crass humour you will either hate this book or be converted""
Nelson W. Pyles - author, Creator and executive producer of The Wicked Library

And for reasons that should be BLATANTLY OBVIOUS, this book is very much NOT FOR CHILDREN.

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