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Many Christians around the world feel that prosperity, success and abundance are not of the Lord. This is a false belief. There is not one part in the Bible, except when taken out of context, when Jesus or anyone tells us that we have been put on earth to struggle through life financially, only just make it through paycheck to paycheck or bury our head in the sand with debts. No ñ not at all.†

Abraham was the richest man in the Bible and God chose him to be the ìFather of many nations.î The Israelites were led to the Promised Land ìflowing with milk and honey.î And the grapes on the vine were so heavy that it took two grown men to carry it. God prepared the land for them ñ they did not have to toil for anything in their land either.

Before Adam and Eve were created, God created a beautiful place for them ñ The Garden of Eden.† It was a place of abundance.† From the Old Testament, we know that it was filled with fruit trees, flowing rivers, cattle, gold, onyx and cobalt. Adam and Eve did not have to work for those things in the Garden; God prepared a place of abundance before creating them.

In the same way, our Father in heaven wants the same for us. We are not here on earth to suffer and toil. We are here on earth with a destiny prepared for us. We are here to lead a life of success, prosperity and to enjoy all the riches our Lord has created for us.

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May 24
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