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Can two strangers, who were never meant to be, believe in love again

When he needs answers and only she has the key,,,

Back from a gap year abroad, teacher Jet Diekerhof takes a long-term sub position at a one-room school house in Montana’s Paradise Valley. Jet’s grateful: it’s 775 miles from her overly involved family—and the guy who broke her heart. But she’s also sworn off men until meeting the handsome Shane Swan…

Thirty-four-year-old Shane Swan has been an outsider since birth. He was raised by his maternal grandmother and, after her passing, he ended up in foster care. But he overcame the odds and became one of the most successful writers in America. Yet one question burned in his mind: Why was he the one given away, and his brothers kept? His next move was to relocate to Marietta where he could unravel the secrets and lies and what it means to be a Sheenan – even if that means turning to Jet, who knows more about the Sheenans than anyone.

If Jet can connect him with the keys to his past, he’s fine to cross some lines… until he begins to fall for her.

July 8
Tule Publishing
Tule Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

Wanda K McD ,

Sheenan book series

I have just finished the 6th, and sadly, the last Sheenan book in your series. I have enjoyed each book immensely...started the first one and couldn't stop until I read the last page on Shane's story, the lost Sheenan. Love the sense of humor that all your books have scattered throughout. I have smiled more than once while reading these. And the last book...Shane's story...hit so close to home for me so it couldn't have ended any better. I'm hoping for a similar ending, hopefully before I pass away. My oldest son, Shane, born in 1978 was taken by his dad when he was a year and a half old. He was put in the hospital after passing out for tests, and it scared his dad and he called and let me come see him. For a couple of years, I was "allowed" to go two states over to get him for a couple weeks at a time. My ex had gotten full custody, and I went to lawyers trying to find someone to help me fight him to get my son back. But they all wanted thousands in cash as a retainer, and couldn't give me an estimate on how much it would end up costing me because we had to fight in Texas, not Mississippi. When I decided to remarry in 1982, Shane's dad told me I was to never see or contact them again, that he could, and would, transfer all over the world with his work. So I haven't seen my son since he was 4-1/2. I am writing this review in 2017, so I know you can do the math. I have tried online, and begging his family, to find my son. None of Shane's father's family will peep a sound, and I can't afford private investigators to search. This is why Shane's story is my favorite. Thank you for basically writing a somewhat fairytale ending to my life story.

Cowboys fan 65 ,

Loved it!!

Really hate seeing this series come to a end. When Jet runs out of money she comes to Montana to teach in a one room school house. Shane has been in Marietta for months trying to get close to the Sheenan Brothers .When Jet's sister ask her to stay away from Shane she can not do it . With Jet trying to help Shane find answer to questions about his past . Can she make him go to the Sheenan Brothers for those answers he has been trying to get all this years.

Jean Boehmke ,

Lost Sheenan's Bride

This story was quite the emotional rollercoaster. I couldn't wait to get to the end, but yet didn't want it to be over. Shane is in Marietta to write a story, but the real reason is to find out about his birth family, the Sheenans, the family that doesn't know he exists. Jet ends up caught in the middle, she really likes Shane, but her sister is married to a Sheenan and they are convinced Shane is nothing but trouble.
My heart ached for Shane and his childhood. Always holding out hope that his mother would return for him, but it never happened. With Jet's help he finally managed to move out of the past and let go of some of his grudges.
This was a great story with plenty of drama and mystery.

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