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Saving the world takes a genuine hero.  Daisy thought she’d found one in Rocco Barnes…but she hadn’t expected the sizzling connection that she couldn’t seem to ignore.  

Rocco wished that he wasn’t tempted by the luscious beauty.  But Daisy’s smile and optimism, her belief in his goodness.  Rocco’s no hero, but he couldn’t ignore the quirky beauty.  

Very soon, however, Rocco realizes that there are secrets…a mystery.  Daisy is hiding something.  Can he trust her when he knows that she’s not telling him everything?  


Ivy had always loved capturing images, scenes and human emotions on film.  The light, the clouds, the sorrow or happiness…the world was a picture waiting to happen.  So when she was the one captured – by terrorists no less, she wasn’t exactly sure what to do.  One thing she wasn’t going to do – call her friend’s brother.  As a Navy SEAL, Gunner had always irritated her.  She couldn’t quite define why, but Ivy was determined to get out of this mess on her own.  

Gunner, Daisy’s brother, heard about Ivy’s predicament and immediately formed a plan.  The annoying, obnoxious, sexy Ivy was going to accept his help this time.  

Never before had he considered a jungle rescue to be sexy.  Then again, he’d never been doing it with Ivy before.  

But then Ivy turns up pregnant and…

Throw a grenade at him, and Gunner knew what to do.  Twenty terrorists trying to blow up a building?  Gunner was your man.  But a pregnant Ivy?  He was stunned.  Thrilled.  Amazed and…and so many emotions. But first he had to convince the stubborn woman to marry him!  


Ms. Scarlett was making her crazy!  Marilee knew that Ms. Scarlett and her grey haired posse were organizing all of the pranks that kept happening in town.  But why was it that, every time Marilee tried to hide the pranks, the annoying, all-seeing and irritating Emerson, the new sheriff, arrived with his brooding eyes and annoyingly broad shoulders?!  It was almost as if the man had a sixth sense for when she was going to make a fool of herself and he showed up to enjoy the show!  

Emerson thought Marilee was adorable and sexy and…odd.  But he couldn’t resist her.  All of those lush curves and gorgeous smiles.  He might not understand the lovely Marilee, but he was falling for her.  And he wasn’t sure he cared!  


Tony had felt protective of the gorgeous Julia from the moment she’d stepped into his restaurant asking for a job.  Ten years later, those feelings had morphed into something more.  Something deeper.  But with Tony’s history, he couldn’t allow himself to fall in love.  The risk was just too dangerous.  

Julia had loved Tony for so long, she couldn’t remember a time when she hadn’t felt this way.  Tony was brilliant and creative, charming and kind.  He could also make her crazier than anyone she knew!  So when a kiss revealed that they were both feeling something stronger than friendship, Julia was eager to explore this new world with Tony.  Everything seemed perfect but…why was he pulling away?  What had happened in his past that wouldn’t allow him to savor this happiness?

October 22
Elizabeth Lennox Books, LLC
Elizabeth Lennox Books LLC

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