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"Sunny Dawn Johnston is a compassionate, caring light worker who opens up to the higher levels of Spirit." -James van Praagh
Have you ever wondered if someone’s trying to communicate with you on the other side? Are you looking for proof that there is life after death? Or do you miss your relationship with a loved one who’s passed?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, angel communicator and psychic medium Sunny Dawn Johnston is here to help. In The Love Never Ends: Messages from the Other Side, Sunny shares a selection of true and amazing stories from her experience helping thousands overcome their fear of death or losing a loved one. A gifted psychic and intuitive, she brings a real and tangible connection between this world and the afterlife—and she says that no matter the client or the circumstances, each person’s story has one thing in common: The love never ends, and fear exists only in this world.

In this collection of stories and teachings, Sunny shows you how to:
• Release fear and tap into your own psychic skills (everyone’s a little bit psychic)
• Spot the signs that your loved ones are trying to connect with you
• Discover the messages from Spirit that are all around you
• Cultivate a spiritual connection with your deceased loved ones

Death in this life does not have to mean goodbye forever; we are all eternally connected to those we deeply care for, and we can continue to love, learn from, and grow with our loved ones. This book shows you how.

Praise:"Sunny Dawn Johnston’s voice is an expression of both compassion and love as she guides us through the path of healing and understanding so that our heart can blossom with love again.” —don Miguel Ruiz Jr., author of The Five Levels of Attachment
"This book is a soothing balm for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.” —Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret

“An important book with valuable knowledge for those trying to understand their gift or wanting to know if their loved ones are still around them. Sunny is a vibrant, beautiful, and caring soul and a great teacher to many!” —Lisa Williams, psychic medium and best-selling author of Survival of the Soul
Sunny Dawn Johnston is a well-known psychic, medium, and intuitive. She lives with her family in Glendale, Arizona. Her website is http://sunnydawnjohnston.com.

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October 1
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