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Baghdad, 295 Hijri (907 CE) 

Zaytuna just wants to be left alone to her ascetic practices and nurse her dark view of the world. But when an impoverished servant girl she barely knows comes and begs her to bring some justice to the death of a local boy, she is forced to face the suffering of the most vulnerable in Baghdad and the emotional and mystical legacy of her mother, a famed ecstatic whose love for God eclipsed everything. 

     The Lover is a historical, social, and emotional world-building mystery. The mystery is not just in finding out "who did it," but in discovering the worlds of the characters, a world in which theological and legal debates can have deadly outcomes and lives of everyday people hang in the balance. 

     This richly textured mystery introduces us to the world of medieval Baghdad and the lives of the great Sufi mystics, washerwomen, Hadith scholars, tavern owners, slaves, corpsewashers, police, and children indentured to serve in the homes of the wealthy. 

     It asks what it means to have family when you have nearly no one left, what it takes to love and be loved by those who have stuck by you, and how one can come to love God and everything He's done to you.

"Completely engrossing and richly atmospheric. Tenth century Baghdad comes alive through the eyes of a dazzling cast of characters." —Ausma Zehanat Khan, critically acclaimed author of A Deadly Divide from The Getty-Khattak Mysteries, and The Khorasan Archives

"Silvers masterfully uses literature to fuse suspense and mysticism and capture readers in an intricately-woven historical mystery that taps into timeless human experiences." --Layla Abdullah-Poulos, Managing Editor, NbA Muslims

"An exceptionally well-crafted story that weaves a tale of startling complexity." 

--John Sanders, Glenn and Tyler Mysteries

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March 25
Laury Silvers
Laury Silvers

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