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By the bestselling creator of The Lover's Path Tarot. ”A full-color picture book for adults that tells a wrenching story of eternal love.”—NPR Books

"To truly love another, you must follow the lover’s path wherever it may take you . . . .”

Filamena Ziani is the much younger sister of the most famous courtesan in sixteenth-century Venice, Tullia Ziani. Orphaned as an infant, Filamena has come of age bent like a branch to her sister’s will, sheltered and lonely in the elegant but stifling confines of their palazzo by the sea. Then a dark-haired stranger offers a gift that will change the course of her life forever: a single ripe plum, and an invitation to walk along the lover’s path, wherever it may lead.

The Lover’s Path, a moving tale of forbidden love, is a heart-wrenching story of eternal love and transformation. Through a unique combination of lyrical text, sumptuous illustrations, and retellings of famed love stories, Filamena's path is beautifully described and, finally, stunningly revealed.

Praised by The New York Times Book Review for her “quality of myth and magic,” Waldherr brings to life a remarkable period in Venetian history. Her glorious celebration of romance, the feminine spirit, and the power of love to inspire will move readers everywhere.

120 pages. 46 illustrations. Includes interactive graphics. 

NEW: Includes a three chapter excerpt from Kris’s debut novel The Lost History of Dreams.


“Prepare to be transported to 16th century Venice from the first page. This novel is a feast—a full-color picture book for adults that tells a wrenching story of eternal love…. This beautiful fable reminded me of Erica Jong’s Serenissima.”—NPR Books

“With this illustrated novel, Waldherr has spun a wondrous story spilling over with mythological figures, with tarot cards and personal letters. You’re pulled into a vortex of a 16th century romance centered on Filamena Ziani, the younger sister of a famous courtesan in Venice…. Waldherr, who based her novel on a real-life courtesan, also created the illustrations for her book.”—The Albuquerque Journal

“Voluptuous illustration and enthralling narrative ... in this extraordinary testament to the strength of the feminine spirit.”—WNBC/B(u)y the Book

“Kris Waldherr’s The Lover’s Path plunges readers into the mysterious and exhilarating world of sixteenth-century Venice.... A visual adventure.”—Women in the Arts, the Magazine of the National Museum of Women in the Arts

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February 14
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Customer Reviews

Montessori mo ,

So tragic and so short

I wish there was more. Her storytelling is rich you can smell it and taste it. Love her artwork!!!

SBHanratty ,

Wonderfully Woven

Once again Kris Waldherr has combined a beautiful love story with gorgeous illustrations; along with the incorporation of classical tales of love, this young couple find love and loss. The illustrations are beautiful and help bring the tale to life. In just 100 pages, Waldherr is able to tell a tale which encompasses so much history, emotions and lessons, you don't want it to end, yet you know the story doesn't need more.
Aside from noting a few editorial errors, the book and illustrations are wonderfully woven together to tell a beautiful story.

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