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An assassin prowls an archeological dig site.

An astronomer comes face-to-face with an ancient race.

A conspiracy resurfaces inside the walls of the National Museum.

High on the summit of Mount Whitaker, the Vatican employs the world's most advanced ground-based telescope. Night after night, the stars are scanned by hand-picked papal astronomers - researchers who know better than to share the secrets of their search.

But what are they looking for?

And more importantly, should the rest of us be worried?

A note from the author:

"There's just so much of our ancient history that we don't yet understand. Add to that traditional religious teachings on the subject, and we end up with a real divide between science and faith; believers and non-believers. The Lucifer Project dives right into this gap, exploring many controversial topics such as the age of the Earth, the Nephilim, and even Lucifer's Flood inside a dramatic, fast-paced, fictional story. I encourage every reader, whether agnostic, atheist, or believer, to really give these things some thought. And who knows, after you find yourself turning pages well into the night, you just might discover that the Bible has a whole lot more depth to it than you ever realized." - Jon Flagg

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 22
North Lake Publishing
Ingram DV LLC

Customer Reviews

NakedNate13131313 ,

Needs less bible

I tried, I really did. It’s like the book has two different authors. When religion isn’t the topic, the story is compelling and writing is great. But as soon as the topic changes (and it does quickly), the writing style transforms into unabashed proselytizing, with no relation to the primary storyline at all. The push to involve religion is aggressive and unnecessary.

Would happily read if the author made a copy not for born-again-Christians.

JCJ8o8 ,


Religious propaganda disguised as Young Adult Science Fiction. Pass on this one.

MarkWhiteLotus ,

Buyer beware Christian propaganda masquerading as SciFi

Got about halfway through before figuring out this was Christian propaganda Save your money.