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Set in the fictional European kingdom of Lutha, the protagonist is a young American named Barney Custer, of Beatrice, Nebraska, who is the son of an American farmer and a runaway Luthan princess, Victoria Rubinroth. Unaware of his royal blood, much less that he is a dead ringer for his relative Leopold, the current king of Lutha, Barney visits Lutha on the eve of the First World War to see for himself his mother's native land.

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January 1
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Public Domain

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3G Gerry G ,

The Mad King

Edgar Rice Burroughs presented a
great adventure with tons of political
intrigue....a great fun read!

Moonman_56 ,

Just fun!

My brother ( who introduced me to this tale in college) and I have loved this story since we first came across it. Yes, it is the 'Prisoner of Zenda'....maybe too much so, but still. I had read that story first, but for some reason I love the characterization of Barney Custer, the hero of this tale soo much better. Distinctly two parts as it was originally serialized, but despite reading it over and over again, I always end up smiling in the end. The paperback version of the story we had in college had long since fallen apart and was out of print when I went searching for it 20 years ago. I found copies on Amazon for which I paid $20, just to have it again! I was ecstatic to find it here. It will always be to me the epitome of romantic adventure novels of this age...just fun!!!

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