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Amelia Stone

Choices. Each choice leads to a consequence. What would my consequence be if I choose to be his woman? 

Nikolas Lorenzo, billionaire of Lorenzo Corp. He used to be the man I despised. He’s taken everything away from me and ripped me away from the only world I know. But during the course of those few weeks we spent together, I feel a strong connection to him, my feelings akin to love. 

When he asks me to be his woman, I agree on the spot. But our relationship is still volatile and erotic. He is still dangerous and unreadable. Nightmares plague him. Secrets eat at him. 

What is this secret he’s hiding? Would he let me into his heart, or would he let this secret destroy us both?


Nikolas Lorenzo

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That is one of the mottos Lorenzo lives by. And he did just that. 

Amelia Stone. She is the culprit who caused his brother’s accident. And he had brought her into his house, keeping a close watch on her, not realizing that during the course of those few weeks, he has developed feelings for her he didn’t know he was capable of.

He now asks her to become his woman. She agrees. Her moves her to his new residence, but all isn’t as rosy as he thinks. Nightmares from the past chase him. Secrets he keeps hidden eat at him. 

Should he reveal these secrets to Amelia, or wait until it destroys them both?

The Mafia and His Maiden: Beautiful Secret is the second book in The Mafia and His Maiden series. Heartrending, angsty, and filled to the brim with sensual smut scenes, this second book completes the second arc of the series.

May 13
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