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The Magic of Coriander For Cooking and Healing

Table of Contents
How to Grow Coriander
Where to Get Seedlings?
Self Seeding
Best Choice
Cilantro or Culantro?
Fresh Coriander or Dried Coriander
How to Use Coriander Seeds
Coriander Seeds for Preservatives
Sunstroke And Other Heat Related Problems
Conjunctivitis Cure
Some Ancient Knowledge about Viral Diseases like Chickenpox And Measles
Suffering from Headaches?
Coriander Mint Chutney
Hair Loss and Baldness
Coriander as A Natural Diuretic.
Piles Remedy
All Healthy Coriander Juice
Throat Infections
Coriander Sherbet – Natural Cough Syrup
Easy to Cook Coriander Recipe
Coriander Rice
Author Bio
If you happen to enjoy your food, it is possible that you may find yourself missing some particular ingredient, because you are so used to seeing it being sprinkled on your food, before it was served up to you. These food items include salt, pepper, possibly some honey for sweet dishes, sauces, syrups, nuts, and of course garnishing like tomatoes, onions, and chopped coriander.
I am happy to introduce you to one of these wonder spices, which also happens to be a herb. It is known as coriander.
The leaves of the coriander are used along with the seeds, which have a distinct flavor and taste. This plant is an herb and that is why it is not going to grow very large. Green coriander leaves are normally ground-up in the summer, along with mint leaves, and made into chutney. That is because there is an impression, coming down through ancient times, that coriander is excellent for cooling down your systems. That is why coriander use is not encouraged in the winter!
Just imagine that you have had a hard day’s work on a summer day. You want to cool down really fast. You immediately take a glassful of cold water or fresh juice, and now you are ready for a meal. That meal is accompanied with the fresh mint and coriander chutney.
Now this is the thing which is healthy, it is going to keep your system warm and well-toned, and the best thing of all is that it is so delicious. It is a perfect complement to the food that you are eating. In the East, it is normally given to people suffering from fever, so that its diuretic qualities can get rid of any toxic wastes in the body and thus lower the fever.
Since ancient times, coriander has been used all over the world as herbal remedies. When people could not get to the wise man, or to some ancient, who was knowledgeable about herbal cures, they used to resort to herbs like coriander and ginger and other such naturally healing medicines, to take care of small and large problems and ailments in the family.
So the moment, some child or some elder used to complain of some family problems, brought about by either eating too much or too rich a diet, the wise woman of the house would immediately feed him buttermilk in which she had added a little bit of green coriander leaves. And soon, that person would find him cured and as merry as a tadpole and chirpy as a lark.
Since ancient times, powdered coriander seeds, and their ground leaves have been used as an excellent remedy, mixed with chopped coconut, green chilies and ginger to get it of any stomach ailments.
This remedy is still in use, in places where you can get coconut easily. Also, do not use too many green chilies, because they are just to heal. You can seed them so that you do not have anything really hot and, which you think is going to aggravate your tummy problem even more.

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