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Talking sea turtles? Vegetarian sharks?  You’ll discover these and more when you visit the Magical Aquarium with your Sea Lovers’ Pass.  Join Blake, PJ, and their mysterious new friend, Merrie for a special tour.  Tuck that enchanted slice of enchanted golden coral in your pocket, and follow Merrie to a place deep inside the Magical Aquarium.  Shhhh…it’s a secret hideaway only for children who love the sea.

Author, educator Cat Michaels spins a whimsical tale in her chapter book for early readers.  Children will have fun, use their imagination, and learn about friendship while developing an appreciation for ocean life.

December 5
2101 Ink
Cat Michaels

Customer Reviews

jdboeheim ,

Can I Swim With Mermaids Too???

What a lovely story that will ignite passion for sea life! The language in this book was vivid and fun, this line being one of my favorites:

"Being in the Magical Aquarium was like being underwater. Except they were
on dry land with shimmery, swimmery animals circling them like a grand watery

Ahhh, I want to be there. I read this outloud to my kids and a few friends, their eyes were wide and it ended with questions and imaginatory play. That’s exactly what I want for my kids after they read books. I loved reading “WOOOOSH” out loud and adding a bit of comical play to my voice. This story is not only about sea life but it teaches our children to respect their surroundings, love all living beings, step out of their comfort zone and use their imagination.

I love it. You will too!!

HopefulSerenity ,

A Merry Little Tale

I loved this short story by author Cat Michaels. The magical tale of two young girls who chance to meet a mermaid named Merrie at an aquarium is sure to delight children. They will enjoy the characters, Blake and PJ, along with the sea creatures they encounter throughout their day.

As a parent, I appreciated that Michaels included a challenge word section at the back of the book to help reinforce new vocabulary.

I highly recommend this book to young readers or for a classroom read-aloud.

C.L. Murphy ,

Charming and magical!

Who wouldn’t want to attend a Mermaid Tea? I surely do and so will all sea loving, young readers that use their imagination and the special Sea-Lovers’ Pass to the Magical Aquarium. You’ll leave with a piece of enchanted glittering coral, meet characters like Fin the Sea Turtle, Crackle the Stingray, Cuddles the Shark, Hugh the Manatee, and more plus eat kelp cupcakes and peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches at Mermaid Meadow. The author has created a charming short chapter tale and included fun, bright images and a video of a real live shark. Challenge word definitions are included as is a gentle reminder to love and respect our oceans and their inhabitants.

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