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Invoking the Neteru - Ritual Use of the Sacred Texts of Dendera: This essay is a detailed description of the use of Ancient Egyptian temple texts in today's magical rituals.

The Sacred Legacy of Egypt: This article is an overview of Ancient Egyptian magical philosophy and its practice today with a discussion on the New Year ceremony coinciding with the annual rising of the star Sirius at dawn.

Ancient Egyptian Ritual techniques for Today's Magician: This is an examination of traditional Egyptian ritual gestures and how these can be used in contemporary magical practices.

Trance in Ancient Egyptian Magic: Altered states of consciousness were vital to Egyptian magical practices. This article examines many of the techniques employed in ancient times.

Astrology in the Reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian Religion: While astrology as it is understood today had its early roots in ancient Babylon, this essay examines how this science came to form an important part of late period Egyptian thought. We go on to show that it was Egyptian philosophy and innovation which helped to transform major elements of astrology into the art that it is today.

The Ancient Egyptian Calendar and Festivals - Part One: In part one of this two part essay the dual calendar system used in Egypt is discussed. This includes detailed instructions on the calculation for both of these.

The Spiritual Dimension of Time -

Ancient Egyptian teachings on Time & Space: The Ancient Egyptians saw time as composed of two very different elements; neheh and djet. This article explores these concepts as it also examines the nature of the Gods themselves.

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September 18
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