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Laena is afraid.  Lost and alone in the dark, ancient woods after a fight with her mother, she trembles at the thought of returning home to face an unwanted arranged marriage.

But the old forest gods have other plans for her.  Taking the form of mystical bears, they show themselves to her.  It's a child they need.  A messenger.  And Laena is to be their virgin vessel.

Will she succumb to their primal pleasures and let these magnificent beasts ravish her and fill her with their divine seed?

Warning! This 5200 word story contains a g******g by bear shifters, virgin breeding, double penetration, and divine oral. For mature audiences only!


The skin changed from rough pads to smooth palms, and claws changed into soft fingertips.  From both sides they slipped their fingers in between my wet folds, my sex eager and fluttering.  They felt inside my slit, touching the tiny button that seemed to be the center, the core, of all the new pleasures I was feeling.

Grasping the thick, dark manhood in my hands, I threw back my head and let out a moan.  What were they doing to me?  What had they already done?

The black god pulled me back to him with a firm, quick motion.  His heart was beating faster now, and the sounds of his own rumbling moans reverberated through me.  The head of his thick manhood bulged and hardened further upon my lips, and suddenly, his rich seed filled my mouth.  It tasted like honey, musk, and the scent of the ancient woods.  And divine, for no mortal man would have seed like this.

My sex was aching now.  That urgent, almost desperate want filled me, consumed me.

Fiction & Literature
July 14
Alice Xavier
Draft2Digital, LLC

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