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The Man Manifesto is an indispensable guide for couples. It will help you as a man to understand the fundamental values of your role in a relationship, learn how to satisfy, love, and cherish your sweetheart every single day, keep your relationship strong and stress free. For women, you will recognize what to expect from your man, and you will have some knowledge of the issues your man could be dealing with in silence that affect your union. But after reading this book, you could help him open up to you about those secrets without being ashamed, which enables more intimated communication between you two. Being a man is a destiny, and it can be tough too! Between your childhood and your manhood, were you emotionally and morally prepared enough to assume this role? Whether you grew up with your father or not, as an adult, you have no excuse but to do right by your woman. You, the man has the responsibility to take care of all that God has created, including the lovely woman he made specifically to be your companion, and your love. So, you must understand the kind of true love and bonding needed in your romantic relationship with your beloved. Thus, you have to surpass your difficulty in order to emotionally connect and communicate openly with the woman of your live. A woman respects and honors her man; but there is no King without a Queen. So, the man should treat her like one and earn her respect as well. Sometimes, all she wants is to see that he is trying hard to do his best. True love doesn't cost a penny. All a man should do is to prove it in words and actions to his sweetie; show his emotional face and share his real feelings with her. Men stop playing tough every time. A woman is a gift of love and happiness from God. Cherish her! A woman does have different types of emotions which as her man you would be nourishing or managing them. However, a relationship with good communication and respect, more laughter and romance, is less stressful. But no couple is perfect; so, find ways to forgive and move forward. You, men protect your union! Avoid comparing your lady with any other woman in all circumstances because your darling is unique. Create your own "perfect world" together, and keep the influence of third parties out of your relationship. Always remember that honesty and loyalty mean the world to your honey because she will trust you with her heart, her mind and her body. Physical violence or moral abuse to a woman, it's just horrible. A real man does not beat on a woman and does not torment her. Don't you ever do this! Everything has to revolve around love. Love is life. So, love your woman for real! This book gives you the Do's and Don'ts, plus tips and best practices that you can make your own to match your couple needs.

October 4
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