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Now that Jax is gone and I'm single once again, I'm supposed to be finding Mr. Right.

But Finn is the only guy I want. 

Every time we're in the same room together, the heat is explosive. We can barely look at each other without our hands shaking. As days turn into weeks, our resolve softens.

And then we can't fight it anymore.

April 16
E. L. Todd
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Darsh :) ,

Spoiler Alert***

This book has been a roller coaster ride & then some. I was shocked when Finn walked away from Pepper because Colt said no. But the cliffhanger at the end OMG .. I cant wait to read the next book I want to see what’s going on in Colts mind & I want to see how Finn & Peppers relationship progresses will they last? Was it worth it ? How will Colt & Finns parents react? This series is worth the read you won’t regret it.

Freespirit2278 ,


The Man will leave you waiting for the next book. Fighting the desire, Finn and Pepper try to do what is right for Colton. You can feel the desire and passion while reading this book as if it was your own relationship. Pepper understands Finn at the deepest level. They fight the desire, but finally give in to the feelings. Colton wants both to be happy, but is very clear he is against them being together as sees it as betrayal. Will the flame burn out or will love conquer all

Nay Nay 18 ,

The Man

So I was anxious for the second part to come out but unfortunately it didn’t have the same interest I guess you can say as the other book. I like the story and I was excited finally for pepper and Finn finally got together but I felt without Colton and and the rest of the gang around their story was a little boring. Towards the end the book picked back up for me and the last chapter was heart breaking really. I hated that loving pepper torn a rift between Finn and Colton relationship but I honestly don’t know what they were expecting. Colton did ask many of times did Finn have feelings for pepper he always denied it. I hope he can come around eventually and be happy for them but I don’t see that happening

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