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First Book: In "A Manhattan Ghost Story": A photographer, Abner Cray, goes to NYC to work on a "coffee table photo book" about Manhattan and encounters, in the apartment he's renting, a woman, Phyllis Pellaprat, with whom he falls in love. She has a dark secret, and so - it turns out - does the absent friend whose apartment he's using. As he loses, and searches for the woman he loves, he wanders streets filled with ghosts, memories, and dangers he never imagined.
Second Book: In "The Waiting Room": First-person narrator Sam Feary is one of Abner's lifelong friends and he's convinced that Abner, in his continuing quest for Phyllis Pellaprat--who's all-but left him entirely--will be lost forever in the world of the dead: he goes in search of Abner, embarking on a journey that is as weird as Abner's own.
Third Book: "A Spider on my Tongue": Abner, some twenty-five years older than when we previously heard from him--is living in a small house in the middle of dark woods somewhere in New York State. He's trying to escape the hold that the spirits of the dead (whom he now refers to as "the passing misery") have had on him for decades. He's convinced that Phyllis has still not left the earth entirely, and Sam Feary, as well, who has since died. Abner's first-person narration is very much a plea to be free of the clinging past and, at the same time, to continue to be part of it.


Terrance Michael (T.M.) Wright is best known as a writer of horror fiction, speculative fiction, and poetry. He has written over 25 novels, novellas, and short stories over the last 40 years. His first novel, 1978's Strange Seed, was nominated for a World Fantasy Award, and his 2003 novel Cold House was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. His novels have been translated into many different languages around the world. His works have been reviewed by Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, and many genre magazines.

His first publication was the non-fiction study of unidentified flying objects, entitled The Intelligent Man's Guide to Flying Saucers (currently available from Crossroad Press) in 1968 for AS Barnes. His seventh novel, A Manhattan Ghost Story, has had fourteen foreign editions and was optioned to be filmed in the 1980s.
He has written over forty short stories that have appeared in several magazines including Twilight Zone Magazine, PostScripts, Cemetery Dance, Flesh and Blood Magazine, UpState, and Brutarian. He has also painted book covers and done illustrations for magazines including Brutarian.

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