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Samuel Beauchamp has been dead for twenty-seven years, but that hasn't stopped him from living...

Red City Review:  "A richly written and dramatic narrative that weaves an interesting world in which its characters may thrive and destroy."

The Philadelphia Weekly Press:  "Disturbing, exciting, and impossible to put down."

IndieHeart Reviews:  "...straight up good storytelling and chock full o' twists and turns that you'll never see comin'."

Kirkus Reviews:  "A fascinating, at times moving story of a demon looking for normalcy."


In 1933, Samuel Beauchamp awoke on an isolated dirt road, flanked by rows of citrus. Nearby, a pipe-smoking man stood leaning on a pickup truck's blood-stained hood, gazing toward a pair of motionless feet sticking up from a ditch. The feet belonged to a dead boy, Samuel discovered, and when he approached the onlooker by the truck, he found himself drawn into the man's body, seeing through his eyes, tasting the tobacco in his mouth, and in full control of muscles and limbs.

Though lacking any memory of the farm or people, Samuel would eventually come to grasp the scene: he had been the boy in the ditch-murdered at age seventeen by his stepfather, and reborn as something else-a seemingly immortal entity with a whole world of bodies at his disposal.

Samuel spends the next twenty-five years studying his "condition," only switching bodies when absolutely necessary, and always resettling in new cities. His discretion enables him to live fairly normal lives ... until 1956, when an ill-fated move to New York City leads Samuel to a brash, mercurial woman with a sailor's mouth and often-exhausting sex addiction. A year into their tumultuous relationship, his girlfriend disappears, and the police begin investigating Samuel's past - or rather, his poorly chosen body's past: robbery, kidnapping, assault, attempted murder, manslaughter. 

When all hope seems lost for this body and life, a peculiar attorney surfaces, offering help...

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 3
Fantome Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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