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Hold on to your shirts and plumes...they’re back!

From the author of the hugely popular BAND NERDS Poetry From The 13th Chair Trombone Player, comes The Marching BAND NERDS Handbook, a humorously inspiring guide to surviving life in the marching band world. All the best (and funniest) secrets are revealed

in this series of rules and illustrations that, if followed strictly, almost guarantees world domination. Did you know that clarinets are secretly ninjas? Or that even band parents need supervision? If you’ve ever taken a step on the marching field or have just driven by a field on the highway, this handbook can solve every problem in your life (actual results may vary). Dont' forget to check out the first Band Nerds book also available on the iBookstore, Band Nerds Poetry From The 13th Chair Trombone Player!

May 1
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Customer Reviews

Bob & Lorie Meek ,

The 13th Chair Trombone

These books are full of humor and relatable cartoons that will leave you cracking up while neglecting the other novels you should be reading for school.

Scooby fan53 ,

Marching Band is awesome

So many things in this book are so true and relatable. This book is hilarious! It is totally worth the price!

USMCSaxman ,

Band "Reality" all wrapped up in a great book!

DJ does an excellent job in capturing the experience of being in or involved with marching band. There are so many things to relate to, make you laugh or just make you shake your head. All in all its fun being a nerd and even more fun being part of marching band. So many good memories and so many things I miss that I get to sort of relive with DJ's book. I highly recommend this book no matter who you are especially those that aren't in band. Maybe you will then appreciate "us" a little more ;-)

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