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One woman. Six men. Stranded on Mars. Can they survive?

"One of the best things I've ever read." -Rebecca Royce, author of The Last Hope and Wings of Artemis series

"Well written, shocking, engaging and a page-turner!" - Amazon reviewer

All three Mars Diaries episodes in one box set! Travel to Mars and fight for survival in this thrilling sci-fi reverse harem series, based on the Six Swans fairy tale.

Contains Alone, Hidden, Found and the EXCLUSIVE short story Rain (set on Earth during the events of the first three books).


It all started with a headache.Next came the cramps.Then, the pain. Cries and wails filled the station.The bloody cough killed most of them.The others succumbed to the fever.And then, silence.I'm the only one left.My name is Louise and I'm the only human on Mars.


It's been one month since Louise's men awoke. Slowly, they're finding a routine in keeping the station going. It's not easy, but they're getting by... until communications with Earth break down. Suddenly, they're on their own, and things that should have stayed hidden creep to the surface.

Will Louise's men be able to help her get rid of her ghosts?


We thought everything was perfect. We had our own planet, the freedom to do whatever we wanted, the resources to survive. And our family. My six men and me. Unconventional, strange, and utterly amazing. I never thought I could feel this much love without exploding, but it worked.

For the first time in forever, I was happy.

There was no news from Earth, but we thought we didn't need them anymore. We'd made it for six months without contact.

But of course, happiness never lasts.

And when happiness disappears on Mars, disaster strikes.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 1
Peryton Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Bzangl ,

Great box set!

I originally read each of these stories when they were released individually. This series is so original and great! Each story is a short novella, so I was excited to see that they were released boxed together. Louise is stranded alone on the Mars colony after an outbreak kills the rest of the people. Additional workers were sent and she needs to figure out how to ensure they don’t get sick and how they will survive when disaster cuts them off from Earth. Louise needs to deal with the mental health aspects of being stranded so long. Each of the guys are unique. These story have surprising and realistic twists, and while in the end they are happy they do need to work for it.

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