The Mask

A Thriller

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Jane is a very good girl. But #1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz shows that appearances can be deceiving—in a deadly way...

She appears out of nowhere, a beautiful teenage girl in the middle of traffic on a busy day. Paul and Carol Tracy are drawn to her—she's the child they never thought they could have. But then Carol's nightmares begin—the ghastly sounds in the night...the bloody face in the mirror...the razor-sharp ax.

Jane can't remember her past. And as Carol attempts to help her uncover who she was, she has no idea of the horrors that await...

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 6
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Gatorgus ,

The mask

Not as good as most of his books. Obviously one of his early works. Characters weren't as developed as usual for Koontz, but still an enjoyable read. Showed early signs of amusing dialogue between characters. Definitely kept me interested from an intensity standpoint. ,

I own every book Dean Koontz has written

Sadly, I did not remember that this book was written 30 years ago.
I wanted to like this book, but I just could not get involved in the story. Perhaps because there was not much of a story. The book lacked the complexity, nuances and magic I so adore in his writing. For example, the playful teasing and banter wears thin quickly. The pacing was rather slow. The book feels like he did not have his heart in the book. I am not suggesting that I disliked the book, it was just "ok".

BTW, does anybody know why all the reviews are not available?

ES the horror fan ,

Terror lies behind the mask of innocence...

That headline was the tagline of a creepy 80s thriller I used to own on VHS, (📼)a made-for-TV movie called The Babysitter. While it’s a perfect fit for that really creepy, enjoyable movie starring Patty Duke, William Shatner, Stephanie Zimbalist, and John Houseman, it also fits this spooky supernatural shocker from Koontz very well! I agree with the last reviewer about this book; I don’t know what’s wrong with the others, why they’re not crazy about this book if they are Koontz fans. He HAS written better books; I don’t deny that. But The Mask, a creepy ghost story involving reincarnation, is a great book! It’s suspenseful, eerie, well-written with a plot line that leads to a very scary conclusion! What’s not to like? The only thing I find fault with is the ending that made the story feel incomplete. What happens next, Koontz?? That’s the only time you ever dropped the ball on this one. And even that’s okay for two reasons. First of all, the imagination is a wonderful gift because it’s boundless. Who needs a more complete, detailed ending telling us exactly what happened to the characters after the last chapter when you can use your imagination to come up with your own outcome. Secondly, all readers would have to do is ask for a sequel if they want Koontz to write one. Actually, there’s one thing that hinges on whether or not the story warrants a sequel. Koontz probably feels that there’s no room for a sequel because the whole story is already here, in this book. I wouldn’t blame him for telling most readers that because it’s true, with the exception of the fact that the ending does leave that one question mark hanging. Anyway, to any other haters who want to dump all over this book, you can criticize it all you want. There will always be just as many readers who think of this as a good book! I’m one of them! I will always recommend this book to anyone, whether you like horror books or suspense tales, who is looking for a supernatural thriller with an enjoyable, spooky mystery! To me, this book is fantastic!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
There’s one thing I want to add to this review, just in case those who read are interested in the movie I mentioned at the beginning of the review. If The Babysitter sounds like a good movie to you, maybe one that you would like to own on DVD, I’m sorry to inform you that the movie has never seen a DVD release that I’m aware of. If you would like to watch it to see if you would like it, you can find the movie on YouTube.

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