The Masks We Wear The Masks We Wear

The Masks We Wear

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Publisher Description

We all wear masks throughout life.
But what are they?Where do they come from?Why are they so dangerous?And how can we get rid of them?
Using his own life's journey as an illustration, UK's #1 Fear Strategist Keith Blakemore-Noble takes you on a journey of discovery introducing your masks, helping you releasing your masks, and shares with you a life beyond your masks.


Part 1 - Introducing Your Masks
What Is A Mask?Why Do We Wear Masks?Where Do They Come From?What Happens When We Wear A Mask?What Happens When We Take It Off?
Part 2 - Releasing Your Masks
How Do We Take Them Off?A Simple QuestionGoing DeeperDealing With The FearReturn Of The Mask?
Part 3 - Beyond Your Masks
A New Life8 Powerful WordsA Useful AnchorWhen Is A Mask Not A Mask?Where To Now?
What Readers Are Saying About The Masks We Wear

"Keith stands up to his title of the UK's #1 Fear Strategist. A fascinating man, with amazing stories to tell."

- Brad Burton, Founder of 4Networking

"You just don't know, what you don't know. And sometimes someone comes along and it makes sense. Thank you Keith for lighting the way."

- Miss H Whyment-Lester, Business Manager, London

"Keith writes honestly and candidly and speaks directly to the reader with great effect. The book is thought provoking and informative, yet written in a way which made it easy to read."

- Joanna Michael, UK

"I've seen Keith talk at many different networking events and learnt something different each time. This book not only reinforces those lessons but teaches me more. Thank you Keith."

- Gary Jones, Grow Marketing and Media

"Do you want to be authentic? Then The Masks We Wear is an eye-opening, potent read for you. Throughout the book you discover masks you wear unconsciously. Once they are removed you can relax into who you are and express your uniqueness; people can really get to know you, and deep and honest relationships can be built. Unmask and enjoy life!"

- Antonia Olga Daniek - Founder of "Be the Change-Maker"

"Keith has definitely helped me on more than one occasion and now with this book I have a little bit of him in my home as well as my heart.

- Miss Amy Temple, Female Empowerer

"Keith's understanding of the intricacies and interplay of people's fears and emotions are very apparent throughout this excellent text.

A must read for those interested to discover more about the metaphorical masks that each of us wear (at least at one time or another), their importance, and what to do about them."

- Alison Stead, Counsellor (Adv.Dip.Couns)

"Keith has a way of making quite a difficult subject seem very easy to understand and to work through.

This book deserves your time, your attention and your best.

And you deserve this book."

- Paul Newton, MentalTheft

Health, Mind & Body
September 27
Be Your Change
Ingram DV LLC

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