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While Horus’ rebellion burns across the galaxy, a very different kind of war rages beneath the Imperial Palace. The ‘Ten Thousand’ Custodian Guard, along with the Sisters of Silence and the Mechanicum forces of Fabricator General Kane, fight to control the nexus points of the ancient eldar webway that lie closest to Terra, infested by daemonic entities after Magnus the Red’s intrusion. But with traitor legionaries and corrupted Battle Titans now counted among the forces of Chaos, the noose around the Throneworld is tightening, and none but the Emperor Himself can hope to prevail

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At last, the secrets of the Emperor's project beneath the Palace will be revealed, and you'll get a closer look at the Emperor Himself than ever before.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 26
Black Library
Games Workshop Limited

Customer Reviews

Dad messy ,

Outstanding. Finally

I have avoided BL books for some time due to the price gouging for sub par novellas. Content please; if I want art I will get a comic book. Anyway, without too many spoilers, it effectively tells the story of the battle within the Webway and leaves you emotionally exhausted at the end. Blink and you will miss the introduction to the Legion of the Damned via psychic channeling of a hopeless situation along with their "tenth son" leader. A joy to read. Finally a good HH novel.

Jalaroc ,

A really good book that makes you sad

First, I really liked how it encapsulated the emperor's vision while making him the ultimate supporting character rather than the protagonist. Second, it really brought home how the battle of terra was really a two front war. The action was tense and well written and everyone was expendable. The ending was depressing but logical and consistent, to a certain extent. If humanity is cut off from the warp, there would be no evolutionary drive towards become a psykers species. I felt frustrated in how incompetently ppolitical the variou factions of the imperium pushed their own agendas ahead of the good of imperium. The center couldn hold because no one was in charge and everyone looked out for their own interests. I disagreed with Valdosta being used as a common assassin as well. Overall, a thought provoking book with good action that made me depressed at the end.

Mildmannered88 ,

Pretty good. Just don't expect any real answers.

"I didn't want to present anything... as any kind of definitive, objective truth. I don’t think anyone should, either... partly because, well, no answer will ever be satisfying enough for everybody. Nothing will match everyone’s massively varied perceptions of the setting... It’s Warhammer 40,000, after all."
-Aaron Dembski-Bowden, “The Master of Mankind" (Afterword)

^ If you know anything about 40k, you should already be expecting as much. Go in with that mindset, and it's a solid read.

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