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In the death throes of World War II, one man is still at war, and he’s got got the world’s deadliest weapon in his hands . . . 

With a sniper’s rifle he has calmly executed hundreds of enemy soldiers in a single battle, and gunned down thousands of innocent civilians in a single day, waiting patiently for the barrel of his gun to cool before resuming his craft . . . 

It is the spring of 1945. And Repp, the master sniper, is about to carry out his final mission—even as Germay’s enemies overrun it, even while a tired, disorganized team of American and British agents tries everything in its power to stop him. Because for Repp, this is the one job at which he cannot fail. For this time, he possesses the ultimate killing tool. And with it, he will commit the ultimate crime. . . .

Praise for The Master Sniper

“Mesmerizing suspense.”Kirkus Reviews

“Hunter is a deft craftsman with a sure sense of pace and scene. He also knows about irony and sprinkles just a bit over every corpse.”The Washington Post

“Stephen Hunter is the best writer of straight-out thrillers working today.”Rocky Mountain News

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 2
Random House Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

DocWard ,

Good read!

Great suspense read, keeps you turning the pages!

Raven1911 ,


The Master Sniper is NOT one of Stephen Hunter's greatest works. In fact it's not even up to the level of mediocrity. 60% of it is nothing but literary filler. Unlike most of his other works it is devoid of any action and has so much excruciatingly boring detail that the only reason I continued to slog my way through it was because I was suffering from insomnia. I was hoping it would help me sleep, but I was so angry at myself for starting it in the first place, it kept me awake. It is definitely NOT a page turner. Was it really written by the author of so many Bob Lee Swagger novels or by one of his students?

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