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With a fresh new voice with just the right amount of humor Cannon Lybbert delivers a knockout science fiction action adventure story about the societal and personal consequences of scientific brilliance detached from moral scruples. An obsessed deposed king exiled to Earth from a planet in the Milky Way's Galactic Bulge region discovers pivotal technology breakthroughs in his Virginia home lab that pave the way for his return to his native planet. He turns to money provided by malicious state investors to manufacture a spacecraft complete with the operational realizations of his stunning inventions. Given the mentality of his funding collaborators the primary, although covert, mission of the spacecraft called the Chancellor is to cunningly coerce the nations on Earth toward hostilities and war. The king's half Earthling son named Philo as well as other teenagers of fellow loyal exiled aliens make up the crew of the Chancellor. Unknown to him, an enemy within the Maw Soot Order finds a way on-board. Emotions, egos, and the environmental extremities of space are all experienced within the cramped spacecraft throughout their voyage to the center of the Milky Way. These confined conflicts spill out of the Chancellor’s hull infecting Earth by leaving casualties and combat strewn behind and inescapable snowballing moral choices looming ahead.

This is a must-read for those of whom are STEM-inclined. This book stirs the imagination, not because of fantastical aspects of the story but because how heavily Cannon Lybbert relies on real technologies and concepts within our current bleeding edge capabilities to explore their mind-blowing and compelling possibilities. Pick up this book today and soothe your cosmic loneliness as you get cozy with these intrepid aliens and half Earthlings.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 16
Covenant Books, Inc.
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