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Next door neighbors don't kiss and tell.

A disastrous marriage is reason enough for Sacha to give up on men. Too young and naïve to understand what happened wasn't her fault left a legacy of distrust. When a sexy playboy moves in next door, he turns her regimented life on its head until she no longer trusts herself to be near him. 

Lucas fell for his beautiful neighbor after one look and didn't recognize the warning signs early enough. What begins as a challenge, turns into something more real than he's known before. Until now, he'd been unaware he was missing someone to share his life.

But is this what he truly wants or needs right now?

Family Ties Series

The Millionaire Next Door

The Millionaires Proposal

The Millionaire's Seduction

September 11
Cheryl Phipps
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

BusDriven Mom ,

The millionaire next door

A wonderful book. Great story line and great characters.with a happy ending great read truly enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. Happy reading

Graceline ,

Don’t bother finishing. It doesn’t get better.

I couldn’t finish the book—I did however speed read and chapter hop the second half. There’s too much to do in a day than to be caught up in a bad story! I thought I’d grow to at least like Sacha, but the writing is clunky, the plot formulaic, and the entirety lacked prose.

Things just seemed to happen, and you are told rather than shown. It would’ve done much better at half the length it is, but instead the book dragged on like a chore. I picked it up because I was in the mood for some cheesy fun millionaire fantasy, but it was only predictable.

The characters were boring and shallow despite the attempt at depth. It felt insincere and convenient and it would’ve been better for the author to leave out those personality/character additions if they were not going to be done justice.

kay.howard58 ,

Too many typos, incorrect sentencing & paragraph errors

The large number of typographical & grammar errors took my focus away from the story. Lean those up and the story could be much better..

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