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What would you do if someone told you that your past and everything you believed was a lie?

Cameron Winters is a freak, a mind reader who can hear the thoughts of those around her. Although her life has been far from ideal, she has finally found peace on a Caribbean island far away from her troubles. But her troubles are about to find her in the form of a gorgeous government agent named Maddox.

Maddox claims Cameron’s father sent him to protect her from encroaching enemies. There’s only one problem…Cameron’s father has been dead for over a decade. When men arrive, threatening Cameron’s very life, she has no choice but to trust Maddox and escape to the United States. Shockingly, Cameron realizes Maddox has been telling the truth all along when she’s introduced to her father, a man she barely remembers. Suddenly, Cameron has everything she has always wanted…a family and home. But as her powers are exploited by the very people she trusts, Cameron realizes the old adage is only too true…be careful what you wish for.

Best for ages 14 and over.

Book 1: The Mind Readers
Book 2: The Mind Thieves


April 26
Lori Brighton
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Customer Reviews

Arin tin-tin ,

When's the 3rd book coming out?

I read both Mind Reader and Mind Thieves. Both are great books! Now I want to get to the 3rd book. I hope she finishes the series. I want to find out how this all ends! So much secrecy, I want some answers just like Cameron!

SantaCookie:O ,

Great but...

As far as I have read, the book was actually okay. Great storyline and all that. But, the real problem is the main character. Cameron came off as too stupid for being 18 and apparently falls for every guy she thinks is gorgeous. She wasn't very likeable to begin with, especially in book 1 where she IMMEDIATELY fell for the first guy who notices her and doesn't really acknowledge the fact that she couldn't read his mind. And even though Lewis' powers included influencing a person's feelings, the fact that Cameron left with him, a person she barely knew, made her look too irrational and immature.

Now in book 2, I thought that since she's 18 I could expect more mature decisions from her. Nope. She also appears to be way in over her head. Also, if I were her, the fact that her father had a new family wouldn't really sit well with me and I would've done a lot more brooding and talking with my father than rubbing faces with another guy (Maddox) whom she barely knew too.

Story would've been better had the main character been portrayed well. I mean not everyone's perfect but Cameron was just too stupid and immature to my liking. I'm sorry. (I have more to judge her with but it'd be too long.)

sadiecatsmile ,

I read this on my kindle

If you love the first book, the second book is nearly as good! It keeps you turning pages for hours. This is an AWESOME book and one of my favorite series. The first book is The Mind Readers😆

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