The Minimalist Mindset

The Practical Path to Making Your Passions a Priority and to Retaking Your Freedom

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What Would You Focus On If You Were No Longer Weighed Down By Your Unwanted Responsibilities?

If you want to add something meaningful to your life, like traveling to exotic places, composing beautiful music, or experiencing a new friendship in a foreign language, you will need to figure out how to eliminate other things from your daily routine. Your time and money are not infinite so if you want to add something important to your life, there is no way to avoid removing something else.

Unfortunately, these types of eliminations are very difficult to implement as they require removing something from your life that is already there for a specific reason. To make room for your passions are you going to sleep less? Are you going to spend less time with your family? Are you going to expend less energy at work? These are hard and often unrealistic trade-offs to make.

The Minimalist Mindset is not a book about tidying up (that book has already been written) and it is not a book about the philosophical exploration of minimalism (that book already exists too). Instead, The Minimalist Mindset is a book about a down and dirty process you can use to make deliberate decisions about how to prioritize how you live your life. This book walks you through the habits you can implement to consistently make realistic and sustainable trade-offs so that you can prioritize your passions and retake your freedom.

Best-selling author Danny Dover shows you a reproducible process he used to go from a boring life in a cramped apartment in Seattle, Washington, to a fulfilling multi-year adventure that included visiting nearly 100 countries, learning to play music, studying a new language, and the eventual completion of his more than 150-item Life List.

In This Step-by-Step Guide, You Will Learn How To:

• Automate your finances so that you can effortlessly save more money than you thought was possible (Chapter 6)

• Spend more time with the people you love, while still doing the things you care about (Chapter 7)

• Say no, in a polite and effective manner, to incoming asks for your time or expertise (Chapter 7)

• Earn the clout necessary to work remotely from cities around the world (Chapter 8)

• Take control of your e-mail inbox once and for all (Chapter 12)

If you are tired of working to enable others to follow their dreams rather than being able to pursue your own, The Minimalist Mindset is your escape hatch. Read this book now, and retake your freedom.

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May 9
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Customer Reviews

Maviann ,

The Perfect Roadmap For Those Interested In Minimalism

I don't usually write reviews but this book took me by surprise. I am impressed with the habits it presented, it was a fresh perspective on minimalism and it offered some really practical, useful advice that even a dummy like myself can implement.

I eagerly pre-ordered the book because I have read Danny's articles on Life Listed. It came early so I was delighted.

I started reading and I couldn't put it down. Maybe I'm a nerd but I live and breathe self development hacks.

For those interested, I included the table of contents below because I have found those useful in other book reviews:

Part 1: A Better Way (This section was not at all what I expected but I liked it)

Chapter 1: The Cave
Chapter 2: It Starts With a Story
Chapter 3: How Does One Live Life Well?
Chapter 4: Addition Isn't Possible Without Subtraction

Part 2: A Habit Buffet (As the name implies this section goes through each of the following life areas and explains minimalistic habits - super useful!)

Chapter 5: All You Can Eat Habits
Chapter 6: Money (The first exercise was super helpful!)
Chapter 7: Time
Chapter 8: Work
Chapter 9: Housing
Chapter 10: Transportation
Chapter 11: Communication
Chapter 12: E-mail
Chapter 13: Mobile Phone
Chapter 14: Objects
Chapter 15: Books
Chapter 16: Photos
Chapter 17: Chapter 1: Computers
Chapter 18: Clothing
Chapter 19: Travel
Chapter 20: Gifts
Chapter 21: Food
Chapter 22: Exercise
Chapter 23: Friends
Chapter 24: Significant Others
Chapter 25: Family

Part 3: Making These Habits Your Habits (This section focuses on how to implement the habits mentioned before)

Chapter 26: Actions
Chapter 27: Projects
Chapter 28: Repetition

Part 4: But Why? (This was my favorite part)

Chapter 29: Why Are You Here?
Chapter 30: Learning From Those Who Don't Know

The bottomline: Danny makes the Minimalist Mindset attainable for the average person, more importantly he makes it lethal for the seasoned life hack veteran. (you can subtract whatever is adding drag to your life and then finally add what you want more of in your life).

I highly recommend picking up this book as soon as possible (today if you can) because it will give you what you need to start prioritizing your time, money and goals.

Sing0202 ,

Best Minimalism Book Out There

This was the best minimalism themed book that I have ever read. It was actionable, realistic (a lot of similar books fail here) and down-to-earth. I received an early release version of the book and read it while on vacation. For too long, I couldn't put it down when I should have been vacationing with my friends. :-p

Lambikonn ,

Book for every age.

To me it was easy to read book. Interesting to dig into minimalist mindset where you can learn how to start to become and stay in minimalist mindset. The book explains and assures you that less is more. I was hoping more story tough... I think book fits well for younger audience as well...for youngsters who start to figure out "Life". It's a great guide book how to live life well, what to avoid, what to re-thing/organize. I definitely recommend this book and encourage you to start your own "Life list". Thank you Danny!

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