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A time machine goes horribly wrong, leaving a man from 2017 trapped in the body of a 50s housewife! Can he navigate the tangle of gorgeous men and return to 2017 before it's too late?

In 1957, the small town of Martin was rocked by the disappearance of housewife Janet Haring. Rumor claimed she was cheating with a man 15 years younger her junior! Many dismissed that, given the shear, rugged, handsomeness of her husband. If any Martin housewife was satisfied at home, it had to be Janet.

Sixty years later, the town still debates just exactly what happened to her. For Paul, this is an exciting opportunity, he loves old mysteries, so when his best friend and crazy inventor Christa drags him to Martin for her latest experiment, he doesn't object. Much. Any chance to spend more time with Christa is worth it and if Christa still won't respond to his flirtations, at least there's still the mystery.

Paul would do almost anything for Christa, including testing her crazy machines. This normally involves some smoke and odd smells, so when she announces her latest invention is a time machine, he isn't worried. There's no way it will work.

Unfortunately, for Paul, it works. Sort of. Instead of the promised ghost like view of the past, he finds himself body swapped with a 1950s housewife, the very same Janet Haring who is about to disappear forever! Now Paul gets to discover just how incredibly arousing an old-fashioned husband can be. Darren knows Janet's body better than Paul does and he leaves Paul in a happy, quivering state of satisfaction like none he'd ever experienced before.

If that wasn't enough, Paul discovers the rumors of a younger man are true. Ben might not have the knowledge of Janet's body that Darren does, but he makes up for it with youthful enthusiasm and a desire to please that Paul can't fight.

None of the gossip mentioned Darren's sexy younger brother. Paul is thrown for a loop when they start spending time together. Is Lawrence involved in the disappearance? Or is the just another man that leaves Paul weak in the knees?

Armed with the gossip of 2017, can Paul solve the mystery before it gets him killed? Or will the temptations of his new body prove to be too much for him to handle?

This novella includes scenes of an adult nature. Including a M2F body swap, hot sexual encounters with multiple men, and domestic chores!

Fiction & Literature
November 20
L.M. Gregory
Smashwords, Inc.

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