The Mistakes I've Made

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He's determined to ruin her, but he might just end up falling for her instead.

Keep your friends close...

And your enemies closer.

I knew Leilani Hart was trouble from the minute she stepped foot into our small town.

With her big city ideas and hotel heiress reputation, I know she’ll turn our picturesque island into a tacky tourist trap if given the opportunity.

She’ll have to go through me first.

From our first meeting, we’re like fire and ice, and I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to pin her down and melt some of those frigid layers right off.

I’ve never believed in love, but for her, I just might be willing to risk it all.

Even if it means falling... for the enemy.

September 10
JL Berg, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ruth M373 ,

Blown Away by this 5 Star Love Story!

Absolutely loved everything about this book! Taylor is Dean’s little brother. Leilani is a hotel heiress. When they meet, sparks fly. Taylor is going to stop her from changing the “historical” hotel. But his attraction to her stops him in his tracks. Can they meet in the middle and find their happily ever after?

Fairest Reviews ,

A Common Ground Made!

The thing that I’ve learned about J.L. Berg’s storytelling since I was introduced to her stories is that each and every one has heart, has powerful emotions, and has lessons to be learned through the characters’ experiences and conflicts. There hasn’t been one that hasn’t resonated in some way with me due to the relatability of the story line or the realistic presentation of her characters’ concerns and/or problems, and in Berg’s newest release, The Mistakes I’ve Made, I’m, once again, struck by how her characters’ struggles speak to me and make me hope against hope that the hero and heroine will find a way through the maelstrom and come out of it changed in ways that allow them to move forward instead of focusing on the past.

Despite the fact that Leilani (Lani) Hart, a hotel heiress, and Taylor Sutherland,
a business man in the small island town of Ocracoke, North Carolina, seemed to have lived very different lives and don’t appear to share a common vision about what’s to be done with the renovation of Ocracoke’s only hotel, they do manage to find common ground as the story progresses, proving that attraction and chemistry can easily overshadow first impressions and preconceived notions.

It’s easy to understand what motivates Lani’s actions and what she hopes to gain by overseeing the hotel’s revamping, but what’s also clear is that her father has never truly seen her as anything other than someone beneath him, and I don’t see that changing despite her best efforts. Readers can’t help but feel for this lonely girl who just wants her father’s love and acceptance, and even though that doesn’t seem to be something that will happen, the fact that Lani finds a new path to take during her time in Ocracoke, we’re hopeful that the connection she seeks can be found in people who see her for the amazing woman that she’s always been.

Taylor may resent the fact that he was never able to leave his small hometown and adventure out on his own, but he’s made the best of it by being a successful businessman and quite the ladies’ man as well, and even though he sees Lani and her father’s company as an enemy of Ocracoke, when he’s chosen to keep an eye on the pretty interloper and be the go between to ensure that Hart International’s intentions meet the wants and needs of the townspeople, these two ‘enemies’ become friends and soon give into the sexual tension that has surrounded them since Lani set foot on the small town island.

The title itself also lends to symbolic meanings, but even after finishing the text, I’m still not quite sure whose mistakes are in question and who deserves the forgiveness that could be obtained...but perhaps that Berg’s intention, which means that all readers are on point in their assessment of who’s to learn and who’s to forgive.

4.5 Poison Apples

threers ,

Loved, loved this romance

The Mistakes I've Made hit me like a hurricane. I was blown away by the main characters, Taylor and Leilani. They have both been damaged by loss as children. Their actions are constantly affected by their pasts.

Taylor fears commitment to the point breakfast is out of the question with any female. His only loves are his family and his small island town of Ocracoke. When he hears that Hart International has purchased the old hotel next door his only thought is to run them out of town.

Leilani buries herself in her work trying to please the parent that ignores her. She is desperate to please her father the CEO of Hart International. She takes over the makeover of an old hotel on the small island town of Ocracoke without her dad's permission. When her father finds out he gives her outrageous expectations.

The little town that Taylor loves fears what will happen to the hotel and their town. The town leaders have a solution - put the person that keeps crossing paths with Leilani as her in a position to influence her decisions. How can Taylor protect his heart if he has to be in constant contact with Leilani? How will Leilani be able to meet her father's expectations with the constant distraction know as Taylor?

Taylor and Leilani's journey to a Happily Ever After has lots of bumps. They have lots of silly rules that are impossible to keep. There are obstacles and surprises that can derail them, destroy them. Every obstacle had me falling harder for the story, devouring every word. I laughed. I cried. I happy danced. I had a few colorful words for a certain individual (okay I had more than a few). I thoroughly enjoyed The Mistakes I've Made. Even the tears were cleansing. For me this book has gone on the must read again and again list.

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