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At the same time Adolf Hitler was attempting to take over the western world, his armies were methodically seeking and hoarding the finest art treasures in Europe.

The Fuehrer had begun cataloguing the art he planned to collect as well as the art he would destroy: "degenerate" works he despised.
In a race against time, behind enemy lines, often unarmed, a special force of American and British museum directors, curators, art historians, and others, called the Momuments Men, risked their lives scouring Europe to prevent the destruction of thousands of years of culture.

Focusing on the eleven-month period between D-Day and V-E Day, this fascinating account follows six Monuments Men and their impossible mission to save the world's great art from the Nazis.

September 3
Center Street
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

bedrnua ,


This is an incredibly well written book that gives a private look into the lives of some extraordinary men and women in our history. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

ShRoGa ,

The Momuments Men....is amazing!

3/25/12. This book is one of those that I wish I could have read 30 years ago. The reason for that is that as my 97 year old dad passed away this week, I can no longer ask him about things like this from his experiences during WW II. I never knew about these wonderful men and women or even this component of the war effort until just a couple of months ago. This story was so wonderfully told that I was transported to the scenes. And the results of this fine book are that I can yet again see fine people doing fine things for the world, selflessly and in spite of horrific conditions. Thank you, thank you!
S. Garcia

Devonyrreb ,

As poorly written as it is boring

This is no page turner for certain. The character development is non existent. There is a complete lack of ability on the authors part to transport the reader to 1940s Europe during the war. I read this book in spite of the movie but now I'm waiting for the movie to bring some life to the characters and the plot, which represents a very important part of the history of world war 2.

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