The Moon Singer Collection The Moon Singer Collection

The Moon Singer Collection

The Complete Series

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All four books in B. Roman's 'The Moon Singer', a series of fantasy novels, now available in one volume. This collection also includes the prequel novella, Before The Boy, as a bonus!

The Crystal Clipper: After young David Nickerson's mother dies in a car crash, David loses his hearing to a serious illness and his sister disappears. Desperate to find her, David experiments with sacred crystals and accidentally conjures the supernatural ship, Moon Singer, which takes him on a journey to an uncharted mystical island. The people David encounters all have a soul connection to him, their lives destined to intertwine. Strangely in this other world, David finds he can hear for the first time in years. This gift foretells his destiny: to explore the contrast between good and evil, and to save a life that means more than his own.

The War Chamber: As the captain of the Moon Singer, armed with sacred artifacts, David must confront his past, present, and future, fulfilling his destiny and protecting his loved ones. Boundaries blur, propelling David on an unforgettable journey where duty, magic, and love intertwine.

The Wind Rose: Can music wield the power to create and destroy life? David, still grappling with his deafness, must unlock music's potential to rescue the world from impending disaster. To achieve this, he must reunite the sacred artifacts - the Singer crystal, Rose Crystal pendant, and Wind Rose compass - and harness their Triune energy. Aboard the enigmatic Moon Singer ship, David's supernatural abilities can lead him to salvation, but only by comprehending the Power of Three to Become One. His quest will reveal the cryptic musical codes forged for sinister ends, allowing him to embrace his own soul's song and transform his disability into an extraordinary gift.

The Immortal Rose Wyndham: From 18th Century France to 20th Century San Francisco, 'The Immortal Rose Wyndham' weaves a tale of empowerment and enigma surrounding Grace Moreau and her daughter Rose. Battling for women's rights amidst prejudice and conspiracy, they defy societal norms and navigate a male-dominated world to forge their own paths. Amidst their struggles, they must resist romantic entanglements, as succumbing to love would render the Rose Crystal's power impotent and lead to their demise. This romantic adventure unfolds over 250 years, where the transcendent force of music and the belief in a higher purpose shape a narrative of mystery, magic, and miraculous encounters.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 25
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