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While investigating the murder of a Marine veteran at a motorcycle rally, reporter Ben Teller infiltrates the D.C. Mormon Temple and uncovers a secret that could determine the U.S. presidential elections.

In the tradition of Vince Flynn, David Baldacci, Nelson DeMille, Daniel Silva, and Ken Follett, The Mormon Candidate will enthrall readers who love a good story, filled not only with lively characters, intricate plotting, and breathtaking action, but also with passionate conflicts and crucial questions of loyalty, religion, and justice. It will have a special appeal for readers who are fascinated by the interaction of faith and political power.

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July 25
Avraham Azrieli
Avraham Azrieli

Customer Reviews

Zoso-1975 ,


As someone living in Utah, I was immediately drawn to this book and I was not disappointed!

The faith and practices of the Mormon religion are being scrutinized more recently with a Mormon presidential candidate, and it was really intriguing to read about some of the rituals that are done in the temples, also some of their beliefs as the religious work in the book is based on facts, while the story itself is fictional.

The story has an exciting plot that begins with a suspicious motorcycle death and a cover up that leads Ben on an investigation that becomes very personal. Avraham Azrieli did a wonderful job of building the plot and keeping me involved in the story, a real page turner!

I couldn't put the book down! I would recommend it to anyone who is curious about Mormons and who loves a good conspiracy novel.

TrishaSmith ,

Religion or not, GREAT read

This was my first exposure to this author, and I can say that it was not a disappointing read. I come from a strong Protestant Christian background, so was a bit wary about what I might find within this novel. I have entertained numerous LDS missionaries in my home over the years learning their doctrine and beliefs, as well as researching the religion on my own time. I am by far no expert on the subject, but can say that what I did read in this novel did not seem to raise any red flags as to beliefs. I do believe the author knows his subject matter and portrayed it in a manner that is educational, without proselytizing. He appears to have done his research quite well, which I appreciate from a novel.

Religion aside, the author is master at weaving a tale that engages readers and draws them in to the story. I did find myself confused at times, but each time I felt lost or not clear on the storyline the next part clarified the story and moved the plot forward. I was intrigued by the story and eager to learn more. The twists and turn kept me reading. It was truly a page turner.

LDS member, exploring LDS individuals, or those looking for a good read - this is a book you should not pass up. Don't be scared by the "Mormon" title. It has much to offer, religious dogma aside. Informational, entertaining, intriguing.... However you describe the story, the end result is a great read that is highly entertaining. pick up your own copy and share it with your friends today!

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