The Mrs. Degree

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From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Sara Ney comes a new series about strong, 

Single Girls falling in love: accidentally.

I never thought I would get pregnant in college.

When I did, I thought leaving Jack Jennings was doing him a giant favor—he had a bright future ahead of him as a football star—the last thing he needed was me and a baby standing in his way of his dreams.

Honestly? I figured he would eventually forget about me.

I would raise our child in secret and watch Jack on television, and the pain of what I'd done to him would heal.

The last person I expected to see on my brothers doorstep seven years later was Jack; obviously, or I wouldn't have answered it.

A superstitious athlete, dreams were keeping him awake at night that were preventing him from excelling on the field—dreams he was hoping I could make…disappear.

He looked so good. So much older.

Kind. Handsome.

Turns out, he hadn't forgotten about me, either, and he hadn't put our past behind him.

Fiction & Literature
May 3
Sara Ney
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Stgomez ,

Penelope and Jack’s 2nd Chance in Love

I loved this 2nd chance relationship and secret baby/child. I don't really like reading about secret babies. Anyways, Penelope is a single mother of a sassy 7 year old daughter. She is the younger sister of Davis Halbrook who retired from the NFL. To be near one another they lived next door to one another. If they needed one another they are walking distance from her brother. One night after work she sees her old college boyfriend Jack Jennings aka the skipper. He had a letter addressed to Penelope but wanted her brother to give it to her. Complicated reasoning but since he was in the area because of a game. Why not take this opportunity for Penn to tell him the truth of her absence and what happened those 7 years ago.

Anyways, this is a cute 2nd chance getting to know one another. When actually the attraction for one another was always there. but, to be able to tell the truth and be able to allow the other to be there for the other.. And how Jack is to meet his daughter he never knew about.

R Starchman ,

The Mrs. Degree ( #2 Accidentally In Love ) by Sara Ney

Wow what a wonderful story It was so heartwarming and emotional. The love Jack and Penelope had for each other in college was so powerful . Penelope found she was pregnant and didn’t want to ruin Jack’s chances with the NFL , so she left without telling him . Seven years later and he finds out he has a daughter . This is a book I highly recommend .


Not a good secret

Review: 4.25/5 ⭐️
Steam: 2.5/5 🔥

#themrsdegree is the upcoming book by @saraneyauthor in the #accidentlyinloveseries

Jack’s passion has always been football. Even in college it was known he’d go pro. So when he and his longtime girlfriend talked about a future, football was involved. But then she suddenly leaves without another word. After 7 years, he can’t shake the thought of her, so he goes to find out how she’s been all these years. She’s everything he expected and missed. Wanting to spend time with her, he finds out some other details about how she’s been since leaving so abruptly. Can he get past her departure and the significant details she’s held back all these years or was the shock to much to handle?

Penelope has hidden the fact she has a child from the dad since finding out she’s pregnant. She’s provided for her daughter the best way she can, with the help of her brother. but when her ex shows up out of nowhere, she knows she needs to drop the truth bomb on him. Can they expand on the love that they had back in college with now an added bonus or are her lies and avoidance too much to come back from?

I did not want to put this book down. I really enjoyed it! I totally understand why Penelope did what she did. Was it the right thing to do? In her mind yes, but an unplanned pregnancy wasn’t the right thing at the time for either of them, so she did what she had to. Jack was probably one of the most reasonable men in the world. I’m not sure anyone else would act like that after finding out they have a kid when their love just ghosted them. But my god was that man the sweetest thing when it came to the relationships with his girls. I still want to know if he is related to triple J from the jock hard series. But overall, really good book. Definitely recommend.

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