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“In a world where women are constantly faced with pressure to be or look a certain way, The Multi-Orgasmic Diet” is like a breath of fresh air. Rebecca provides a playful, pleasurable, and loving approach to what is often full of shame and restriction. This book turns traditional dieting on its head and has the potential to help many women live ecstatic lives.” —Margot Anand, Founder of SkyDancing Tantra and Author of The Art of Everyday Ecstasy

Don’t be fooled by the title. This book doesn’t focus on teaching orgasm techniques, and it’s not a traditional diet book. It’s something better. A sexy spin on diet, weight loss, and women’s self-help, The Multi-Orgasmic Diet is a revolutionary and fun approach to natural, shame-free healthy living. Instead of a restrictive diet that tells women what to eat and what not to eat, this book provides a lifestyle plan that teaches you how to fill up on the pleasure of life rather than overeating or using emotional eating to fill a void. You will also learn to cultivate deeper love and acceptance for yourself in this body positive approach to women’s health and sexuality.

The Multi-Orgasmic Diet gives you:

* A lighthearted, playful, and decidedly sexy way to achieve your weight loss and health goals without restrictions or deprivations.

* A menu plan full of practices to help you cultivate your sexual energy and awaken your senses, both of which will bring more joy and satisfaction to your life.

* A solid foundation that sets you up for success, plus valuable book bonuses and an online community to support you along the way.

* The knowledge you need to use energy cultivation, sensuality, and self-love–not food–for happiness and fulfillment.

* Support in releasing shame and other blockages standing in your way, so that you can live the life of radiant health and happiness you deserve—with sex appeal to boot!

* A pleasure-filled journey that will give you a sexy, alluring glow and spice up your life both in and out of the bedroom.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Sexual Awakening for Women Facilitator Rebecca Clio Gould serves as your guide on this journey. Her mission is to help do away with shame and taboo and help others experience deeper happiness and live juicer lives. She does so in a way that is inspiring and hopeful while also being grounded in reality. After years of her own struggles with weight loss, cravings, emotional eating, traumatic injuries, and body image issues, Rebecca found a way out of the struggle and into blissful surrender, acceptance, and transformation. The practices she’s gathered and created along the way, as well as the wisdom she has to share, are in these pages.

In addition to more than 80 step-by-step practices in the book, readers also receive audio and video book bonuses that will support them in their transformational journey of fulfillment and wellness. And thanks to Rebecca’s delightfully conversational writing style, and her dedication to setting you up for success, you are likely to feel as if she is right there in the room with you as a trusted advisor and friend.

Health, Mind & Body
November 1
Elemental Harmony Press
Rebecca C Gould